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  • Environmental Sensors

    Use these environmental sensors to characterize water movement beyond the soil. Useful for environmental modelling, completing a water balance, and just generally describing how water is moving through the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.

  • Anemometer


    Measure wind speed and direction over your chosen interval. Straightforward setup. Plug-and-log simplicity when used with the Em50 line of data loggers.

  • Rain Gauges

    Rain Gauges

    Rain gauges for measuring incoming moisture: one for research and natural precipitation, one for irrigation.

  • RH/Temp Sensor With Radiation Shield

    RH/Temp Sensor With Radiation Shield

    Measures air temperature and relative humidity and outputs both values as a digital signal. Comes with radiation shield. Plug-and-log with the Em50 line of data loggers.

  • Radiation Sensors

    Radiation Sensors

    Radiation data is important in calculating an energy balance, in determining latent heat flux vs. sensible heat, in generating interception data for biomass and crop growth models, and for use in the Penman-Monteith equation. We offer both total solar radiation and photosynthetically-active radiation sensors.

  • Soil Temperature Sensor

    Soil Temperature Sensor

    The simple ECT soil temperature sensor is an easy-to-use sensor for measuring the temperature of soil, air (with the radiation shield), or other materials.

  • Meter Group - Precise Water Balance Field Lysimeter

    Meter Group - Precise Water Balance Field Lysimeter

    Measuring every parameter needed for a complete and accurate water balance can leave you making a lot of assumptions. Eddy covariance gives you evapotranspiration (ET) but leaves you guessing as to the fate of soil water. Traditional lysimeters measure water flux in the soil but have no connection to the groundwater, which means the soil column becomes too wet or too dry compared to the field, throwing off the water balance. There’s simply been...