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  • Environmental Consultant Services

    METLAB offers enviromental consultant services from three locations in Sweden: Enköping, Falun and Skelleftehamn. The main business is emission measurements by the accredited test laboratories using standard reference methods (SRM).

  • Emission Measurements Services

    Emission Measurements Services

    Emission measurements are most often carried out as emission limit value compliance assessments (test) but there are several other objectives for measuring emissions or to carry out measurements involving the same parameters.

  • Parallel Measurements Services

    Parallel Measurements Services

    Parallel measurements are used for annual control of permanent installed emission measurement systems with respect on their performance criterias, e.g. AST in EN 14181 or the Swedish regulation for NOx emissions NFS 2004:6.

  • Other Measurements Services

    Other Measurements Services

    Other frequent measurements that are either carried out as separate projects or as part of larger measurement programs are listed below: Fire room temperature. Fire room residence time determination. Ratio of biogenic and fossil carbon. Continuous mercury concentration measurement. Homogenity test of measurement plane. Particle size distribution, PM2,5 and PM10.

  • Other Services

    Other Services

    METLAB also offers environmental consultant services without including measurements. These services can be offered thanks to broad experience and knowledge in environmental legislation and environmental technology.

  • Other Services

  • Calibration Services

    Calibration Services

    METLABs products are normally calibrated before delivery. Many customers send their equipment for regularly function control and calibration annually or with two years interval. The following calibrations are made with traceability to primary standards.

  • Filter Weighings Services

    Filter Weighings Services

    METLAB support external air testing laboratories with pre-weighted sampling filters. After sampling the filters are sent back for the final weighing resultating in a accredited weighing report that is sent to the customer. The report includes presentation of the two weighing results, the weight difference as the sampled amount of dust together with the weighing uncertainty.

  • Equipment Rental Services

    Equipment Rental Services

    All types of sampling equipment and gas analyzers and other equipment used for emission measurements can be hired from METLAB for shorter or longer periods.