Metrology and Environmental Management (MGE)

Metrology and Environmental Management (MGE)

MGE is an Environmental and Energy Solutions Provider. Our solutions join environmental and Financial benefits. MGE promotes a `close` relationship to diciding entities for/with whom it works. Mutual trust is a`de minimis` rule This site is there to help you get an idea of what we`re all about. Browse it freely.

Company details

Rue provinciale 58 , Bierges , BW 1301 Belgium

Locations Served

Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
less than 1,000,000 €

MGE started its environmental and energy engineering and consultancy activity in 1994. The first missions focused on MGE's strong environmental metrology to support complex systems'study.
MGE developped its activities thanks to unique:
Ability to tackle and identify Clients' problems and solutions
Clear and sound business and personal values
MGE has had the opportunity to work in various environments (pharmacy, chemistry, metal, non ferrous, foods, insurance, courts of law, water distribution,... In turn, this wide gammut has helped MGE to approach and sucessfully manage a large variety of problems in various fields,mostly in multi dimensional contexts. MGE's strength has been to continously bring an input with high added value.

MGE's Values
Honesty and truth; Clients need advise based on clear logic and facts, measures, truth. MGE brings thus an independent view to its Clients.
Judoe and party: MGE is careful in all its mission to systematically spot and avoid when it might be placed in a position of judge and party. Missions MGE tackles also avoid situations where (possible) conflict of interest may arise between MGE and its client. Audits are of course an exception to this rule.
Trust: We trust our Clients, we expect the same from them. We work on an 'open book basis' which allow a complete and simple Client control of our misions.
Confidentiality: our missions systematically are linked or depend upon confidential material. Client data is kept strictly confidential et garantied as such through our sales conditions.
I novation; MGE is widely recognize for its particular problem identification and solving approach as well as its innovations that allow the achievment of ambitious goals. MGE considers inovation as a important value for itself and its customers
Quality: our quality is best judged by our clients; We provide personalised refferences on demand.