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  • Lindemann - Briquetting Presses

    In the metal processing industry, as well as at the scrap yard, metal residues accumulate as chips, sludge or dust, which in turn are to be recycled at a profit. By compacting the metal residues to form high quality briquettes, the metal chips accumulated in the company can be recycled into secondary raw materials and, due to their reduced volume and high density, stored, transported and melted down with high efficiency. Since as long ago as the 1920s, Lindemann has been building special press

  • Metso EtaBriq - Briquetting Press

    Metso EtaBriq - Briquetting Press

    The Metso EtaBriq briquetting press reliably processes metal chips and grinding dust into high-density briquettes. With the aid of the Metso EtaBriq, metal scraps from steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and metal mixtures become recyclable and can be returned to the material flow. The briquetting press makes waste disposal more efficient. During the pressing process, emulsions and oils are extracted for subsequent recycling. Because the briquettes...