MFB di Bonomi Eliseo & C. snc

MFB di Bonomi Eliseo & C. snc

MFB di Bonomi Eliseo & C. snc

MFB is one of the leading manufacturers of brass bodies for water meters, as well as connection fittings to connect water meters with the water supply network. Within the last few years, the company has reached an important leading position among the producers of this sector. Among our clients, we count the most important groups worldwide in this field.

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Via Divisione Acqui 4/6/8 Zona Industriale - Faidana , Lumezzane , 25065 Italy
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Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
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MFB has supplied water meters and fittings in 26 different countries. We produce water meter housings according to customer specifications, in order to meet their needs.

Our continuous improvement in high-tech production machines and our Control System of Quality Management are the guarantee for excellent customer satisfaction. Our organization is the most suitable partner for the supplying of hot forged or casted products according to cliental drawings. We are able to propose the best offers according to the specific drawings of the interested party.

MFB is certified ISO 9001-2008 in order to guarantee the most secure manufacturing policy and quality control.

MFB Bonomi is an Italian company operating worldwide in the field of water meters, water meter fittings, clamps for low and medium voltage and their supply, railway clamps and automotive accessories.

Having a mission, vision and a set of objects becomes essential for MFB to establish an identity and to provide a rout to follow, a passage from the current situation to a possible future one, if realized as a joint venture.

The key objective of MFB is the satisfaction of their most exacting clientele by means of extreme specialization in the water meters field: a strategic company choice was to precisely focus its own activities on a unique production sector, growing steadily over the years both in standards of quality and number of produced water meter bodies and fittings.

The constant improvement in the professional level of MFB staff contributes significantly to customer satisfaction.

Assurance quality service allows the supply of MFB’s production bodies to the client “Ready to Assemble” without further checks.

The tests on the manufactured pieces are carried out, thanks to dimension and tolerance measuring tools, on all production batches following checking plans defined  together with the client or established by ISO regulations.