Micah Group Environmental Contractors, LLC (Micah)

Micah Group Environmental Contractors, LLC (Micah)

Micah Group Energy & Environmental is a leading Small Business contractor with a mission of performing as a partner to its clients, their facilities and their communities. Micah Group delivers site responsiveness, in-house construction and industry knowledge fulfilling environmental, facility and energy challenges. With over 15 years of service delivery, Micah Group has built a proven record with private industry, Local, State and Federal governments. The company routinely serves as a prime contractor, as well as a team member subcontractor to cohesive peer partnerships. This diverse foundation and contract flexibility, has allowed Micah Group to provide a value added partnership in solving environmental concerns, maintaining efficient client operations, property re-use and long term energy efficiency.

Company details

389 Waller Avenue Suite 210 , Lexington , Kentucky 40504 USA
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Site Remediation
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

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Micah Group is a Small Business with founding roots and corporate headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky.  The company was initiated in 1998 by Aaron Jamison and grew around servicing the petroleum bulk and retail facilities in the Region and associated environmental concerns.  The company quickly developed projects across the country in environmental investigation & remediation, fuels and demolition, and in turn, Client and service diversity flourished.

Today, 15+ years later, Micah Group still provides national petroleum and environmental contracting services, along with industrial, facility energy and radiological items, as both a Prime Contractor and as a Subcontractor to private industry and governmental bodies.  Additionally, Micah Group has distinct programs in play such as Federal Small Business Construction and Service contracts , GSA contracting, Brownfield Redevelopment, State Lead Environmental and a variety of Commercial Industry specific Master Service Agreements.

A large majority of our Staff are multi-year, committed employees who have been instrumental to the company’s growth and diversification.  It is with their dedication and attention that our Client goals were met, and subsequently, Micah Group’s foundation has grown stronger in each year.


Health & Safety is a priority-one item in all aspects of company operations and project specific needs. This safety culture is recognized as the essential foundation for mitigating personal injury, preventing community exposure, and delivering successful projects to our Clients. The company has steadily reduced its workers’ compensation rating every year and holds an EMR of 0.78. The company maintains internal and external safety educational programs for its staff and routinely incorporates outside training, reviews, and audits.

Micah Group performs work for several specific industries such as power production, radiological, rail road, steel mills, chemical, petroleum, and works for governmental entities such as US Army Corp of Engineers. This Client portfolio has allowed specialized Health & Safety programs to be instilled in conjuncture with standard operations.


Micah Group is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, and has corporate and project presence in several regions of the country. A large part of Micah Group’s 15-year history has been delivery on projects spread over a broad geographical range, as environmental remediation and governmental work encompasses a variety of locations with project-specific, as opposed to location-specific needs. For delineated projects, Micah Group evolved into an on-the-road contractor and still delivers in this manner. For set Clients and for its facility service lines, some contracts are tied to more regular locations. In either case, Micah Group is well-versed in in-house resource allocation and utilizing local staff and subcontractors at various part of a project. The company has successfully worked as a self-performing contractor in 32 states and maintains simultaneous projects in multiple states.