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Michael Baker Corporation

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  • Architecture Service

    Architecture Service

    Baker seamlessly integrates architecture, planning, landscape architecture, engineering and management. Internationally recognized with a portfolio spanning nearly half a century, the team provides excellence in solutions: superior technical ability, creative design and collaborative integration.

  • Aviation Service

    Aviation Service

    Successful aviation infrastructure projects demand expertise in planning and design, and program and construction management—the ability to “build it and build it well,” within budget and on schedule. For more than 70 years, Baker has provided these core services to aviation clients worldwide.

  • Defense Service

    Defense Service

    Baker has proudly supported the United States military since the 1940s, providing world-class environmental, architectural and engineering services to Department of Defense (DoD) clients spanning the globe. We understand the culture and know the demands facing installation and mission commanders in today’s difficult environment.

  • Environmental Service

    Environmental Service

    For more than two decades, Baker has helped public and private sector clients develop intelligent environmental solutions that positively impact the bottom line, while reducing risk and future environmental liabilities. Now more than ever, clients require process improvement and innovative programmatic solutions in addition to technical solutions. Baker routinely provides complete environmental life-cycle services, in part or whole, from permitting...

  • Geospatial Service

    Geospatial Service

    Baker is a national leader in implementing complex enterprise geospatial information technology (GIT) solutions and applying advanced mapping systems for public and private sector clients including telecommunications, pipelines and transportation. With more than 60 years of expertise, Baker has mapped millions of square miles of the earth’s surface while supporting engineering and construction, water resources and environmental programs. More...

  • Homeland Security Service

    Homeland Security Service

    Protecting our nation's safety and security is a constant challenge. As the Global War on Terror is continuously shifting battlefields and natural disasters strike without mercy, the Homeland Security sector must respond with matching ingenuity and flexibility. They must incorporate a multidisciplinary approach, considering the vulnerabilities of both our hard and soft infrastructures and citizens. Thorough protection must extend from a...

  • Municipal & Civil Service

    Municipal & Civil Service

    Michael Baker Jr. founded a company in 1940 based on a vision of client service and innovation. Our municipal engineering services group has been responding to that vision since the Company’s inception.We understand that providing municipal services to the public is both important and valuable. Our in-house expertise is broad and able to respond to the various engineering and consulting needs associated with municipalities. Roadway design,...

  • Oil & Gas Service

    Oil & Gas Service

    For more than 60 years, from surveying and permitting natural gas gathering pipeline systems to designing the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, Baker has delivered exceptional services to the oil and gas industry. Today, Baker is still involved in pipeline projects to move gas from Alaska’s North Slope and in meeting the complete engineering and construction services needs of producers and midstream operators in the Lower-48 shale basins,...

  • Planning and Urban Design Services

    Planning and Urban Design Services

    As a leader in planning across the nation, Baker provides expertise in the many complex aspects of Planning and Urban Design. Serving clients and communities to create places that sustain the future, planners work closely with governmental agencies, stakeholders, organizations, leaders and the public to identify, define and accomplish their mission.

  • Rail & Transit Service

    Rail & Transit Service

    Today, both public and private transportation demands are increasing at an unparalleled pace. Whether moving people or freight, solutions applied to current and future projects will be framed by rising energy prices, the cost and world demand for construction materials, and growing sustainability and environmental concerns. Baker’s approach to helping rail and transit clients meet these challenges is changing as well, with viable solutions for...

  • Telecommunications & Utilities Service

    Telecommunications & Utilities Service

    From core traditional projects to complex engineering challenges such as the design of a 4,200 km fiber optic cable network across Mexico, Baker has delivered exceptional services to the telecom industry for more than 70 years. Baker's ability to address the complete project life cycle requirements of the telecom network distinguishes us from our competitors. We know how to leverage the diverse skill sets of our engineering professionals to provide...

  • Transportation Service

    Transportation Service

    As a leader in transportation design beginning with the U.S. domestic interstate highway boom of the 1950s, Baker understands the complexity of today's transportation planning, design, construction and maintenance challenges. Consistently ranked by Engineering News-Record as a Top 20 transportation firm, we offer clients an integrated team of professionals versed in all aspects of transportation planning, design, permitting, and construction...

  • Urban Development Service

    Urban Development Service

    As leaders in urban development for over 65 years, the experts at Baker provide a full spectrum of services and the depth of experience needed to deliver solutions to even the most complex development challenges. Through an integrated approach to all stages of urban development, Baker takes projects from initial planning and entitlement to construction and post-construction.

  • Water Service

    Water Service

    Population growth, regulatory requirements, and aging infrastructure drive the need to improve and protect the world's water resources. Protection and management of water resources starts at the watershed level and follows the movement of water through urban and agricultural areas, streams, lakes and reservoirs, water distribution systems, wastewater collection systems and water/wastewater treatment plants.