Microbial Discovery Group (MDG)

Microbial Discovery Group (MDG)

Microbial Discovery Group (MDG) is a research, development and innovation-driven microbial cultivation and fermentation company. MDG provides bioaugmentation products and solutions for a multitude of industries. Microbial Discovery Group excels in new product innovation, customer-focused manufacturing and technical support services. We are a group of passionate people that believe microbial research and innovation is the future of solving some of the world’s biggest problems. Microbial Discovery Group has invested time and money in people, equipment and processes that provide our customers assurance in consistent supply and measurable success.

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5200 W. Ashland Way , Franklin , Wisconsin 53132 USA
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:
less than $1,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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MDG is passionate about applying real science to find innovative solutions to today’s challenges. This foundation, along with the implementation of trusted processes are what we believe makes the difference in providing proven success with our customers.
Our production and research facilities contain the latest biological and chemical tools to find solutions to the challenges faced by the wastewater industry. We consider these facilities your facilities as we offer their full use to you and your customers in order to investigate and solve their problems.


Paths to Engage with MDG

  • MDG Products and Programs:Wastewater bioaugmentation involves more than just a product; it requires understanding the science and applying a comprehensive approach to solving your customers’ most pressing concerns. A single solution is rarely the fix and is more likely a band-aid, usually a costly one. In order for microbes to work effectively the proper scheduling, dosage, environmental conditions, equipment functionality, testing, etc. must be applied. Your team, and ultimately your customers, will benefit from MDG’s exclusive programs that are designed around an integrated approach that embraces the operations, engineering, water chemistry, and biology behind effective wastewater treatment.
  • Bacterial Strain Library: 
    MDG can help you develop targeted solutions by leveraging our inventory of over 2000 bacterial strains. Our expert R&D team is ready to help you determine the best fit based on your unique needs.
  • Custom Fermentation: 
    As one of the leading providers of custom fermentation, MDG’s proven process allows you to go from inception to market in 90-120 days.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: 
    Amazing things can happen when the right relationships and shared goals come together.  MDG can provide much needed capabilities and infrastructure mitigating the costs and risks of innovation.

Real Science
Real problems require real solutions, not gimmicks. 
In order to feed, clean and save the world, we focus on collaboration, research and discovery, and innovation. MDG’s in-house research and production facilities provide the environment for us to –
  • pursue possibilities and perfect our solutions
  • leverage novel technologies
  • experiment with new ideas, and   
  • apply sound scientific practices and protocols to better serve the unique needs of our customers. 
With increasing environmental complexities and the need to embrace integrated systems, we invest in attracting bright, abundant minds, leading to creative approaches and viable biological solutions for our customers. 
Real science matters; it is our foundation.

Trusted Process.
Trust is developed through confidence in our products and the honorable integrity of our people. 
MDG understands that customer confidence begins with a thorough needs analysis. As a fully integrated partner, we offer –
  • in-house manufacturing, 
  • individually grown stains, 
  • consistent, repeatable results, and
  • personal, ongoing tech support from a long-term partner they value and trust.
MDG reduces risk for the customer through testing our products both in-house and in the field. Reliable products followed by a continuous consulting process create the due diligence required to honor the brand and reputation of our customers.  
Trusted process is our gold standard; it is our commitment.

Proven Success.
MDG stands apart from the competition when success is measured. 
We succeed through the proven success of our clients. MDG values being accountable to sustainable results and employs constant monitoring of our products and programs, accomplished through -
  • field trials and case studies,
  • third party testing,  
  • customer checkpoints and evaluations, and 
  • return on investment (ROI) assessments.  
These strategies support continuous improvement and allow us to uncover the differences between the real world and the laboratory environment. Ultimately, we are successful through applying real science to a trusted process that builds lasting relationships. 
Proven success is our measure of a job well done; it is our promise.  

Microbial Discovery Group is a basic manufacturer. Others might look and act like they are the grower, but MDG is a grower. Take a few minutes and tour our facility to understand the investment and capabilities that are at your disposal. The only thing we are more proud of is our people.