Micron Waste Technologies

Micron Waste Technologies

Micron Waste Technologies (“MWM:CSE”) is a leading organic waste technology company based in Canada. We have developed and commercialized an on-site treatment system that can turn organic waste into clean water. Our research & development team has already produced solutions to handle organic waste generated by food distributors, quick service restaurants (QSRs), and marijuana cultivators.

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Suite 915 – 700 West Pender Street , Vancouver , V6C 1G8 Canada
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A Unique Investment Opportunity

What makes Micron Waste a compelling investment for the future is not only our performance today – but our vision for transforming how businesses handle their organic waste. Our pilot unit installed at a national food distribution centre has been 35% more cost effective for the client, and the unit continues to perform within expectations of producing clean water that meets municipal discharge standards.

In addition, with partnerships in place with key marijuana cultivators, we are in a strategic position to capture the rapid industry growth as a result of deregulation.


Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Uses 58.5% less carbon emissions compared with the environmental impact of daily disposal by waste management companies.

Save Landfill Space
Food waste can be processed directly on-site into clean water, removing the need to dispose into landfills.

Minimize Waste Disposal Expenditure
Is 35% more cost effective than the cost of daily disposal by waste management companies.

Preserve Fresh Water Resources
The system can be easily configured to recirculate the clean water back to the customer to be used as greywater for cleaning, landscaping, or agricultural use.