Micropyretics Heaters International Inc.

Micropyretics Heaters International Inc.

MHI is a manufacturer of a variety of efficient high temperature solutions including high temperature furnaces, box furnaces, tube furnaces, bottom loading furnaces, boiler-free steam generators, heating elements and a number of related products. Many of our products feature unparalleled efficiencies and are designed to replace highly inefficient oil and gas fired heating applications.

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750 Redna Terrace , Cincinnati , OH 45215 USA
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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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MHI-INC Cincinnati, OhioMHI has been in business for over 20 years with a stellar performance that encompasses at its core, the tradition of rapid invention, innovation and manufacturing for energy-efficiency and environmental impact. MHI headquarters are located in Cincinnati, OH USA. Today the company exports products to over 25 countries world-wide and is one of the few Ohio companies with such an experienced innovation profile. MHI plants are located in Cincinnati, USA and other cities.

MHI has close to a thousand customers with good testimonials from all over the world, particularly for service and after-sales interactions. MHI was founded in late 1991, and soon after, started R&D operations with one employee in a business incubator. Repeat and growing sales ensued around 1994-1995, first of MoSi2 heating elements followed by furnaces and devices that used these heating elements, along with other accessories and electronics that were developed exclusively for these products. Over the years, MHI grew vertically, making its own unique electronics, refractories, materials, controls, software systems, designs and components since 1996. It currently has an extremely versatile, modular platform of technologies and products from which new products and innovations are launched, these include nanostructured heaters, one atmosphere superheated steam and Cascade e-Ion Plasma. MHI offers attractive Never-down policies.

We exist for your success.

What this means is:

We will provide cutting edge, high quality, innovative products and services. Over $20 Million private capital invested for Development of Products and Humans.

We will be the best integrated source of high quality, thermal and advanced material products for our customers. Our mission is to use the power of our technology & hardware to solve our customers' toughest problems. Beat Industry Energy Standards by 15 years. See Airtorch.

We will be the new products leader in our industry.

We will service our customers with personalized care. Rate MHI. Beat Industry Energy Standards by 15 years. See OAB and Cascade e-ION.

We will work together in a team spirit to foster discipline, innovation, creativity, and flexibility in response to our customer�s needs. Please call us to experience.

We will contribute to and affirm a high level of commitment, skill, communication, transparency, and effectiveness in our work. We will embrace all aspects of continuous improvement. We will radically invent and innovate when required. Status: Ongoing..... Customer Processes and Quality Management

We will build a responsible, successful, and profitable company for our community. Status: On our way... The best way is to use far lesser energy for the same or better outcome.

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Vision: A global leader in smart power devices