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  • DeviceConfig - Configuration and Maintenance Tasks Software

    DeviceConfig - Configuration and Maintenance Tasks Software

    The DeviceConfig is a tool for configuration and maintenance tasks as well as fault analysis and synchronisation. It is compatible with all the devices of your myDatanet platform that have an USB or a wireless M-Bus interface. The requirements concerning configuration and maintenance vary from device to device. By automatically adapting the user interface to the currently connected device, the DeviceConfig can be used intuitively. Besides the standard...

  • RapidM2M - Toolset

    RapidM2M - Toolset

    The rapidM2M Toolset is an integrated development environment, abbreviated to IDE, intended to support you in developing applications for rapidM2M modules. The IDE covers the entire development process - from the editing of the PAWN script (see ), to the compilation of the script in byte code, the loading of the byte code into the module and the read-out of the data transferred from the module to the cloud server via the cloud server's XML interface....