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  • Soil Stabilization

  • Eco-Pave - Soil Stabilization Products

    Eco-Pave - Soil Stabilization Products

    If you need to build, stabilize, or maintain an unpaved secondary road, Midwest’s Eco-Pave family of products will produce a natural-looking, high-performance surface or, if you prefer, a warm and inviting chip-sealed surface. Engineered in our own labs to be as gentle on the environment as it is effective on the roadway, Eco-Pave gets the job done right using in-place soils. Eco-Pave, a polymer-enhanced, resin-based organic emulsion, is blended...

  • Eco-Pave Chip - Soil Stabilization Products

    Eco-Pave Chip - Soil Stabilization Products

    The Eco-Pave family of products is the foundation of Midwest’s GreenPave® Program, a single stabilization process to create secondary roads or a two-part process which then incorporates an environmentally-safe chip seal to the stabilized base. Eco-Pave Chip, a powerful binder covered with an aggregate – produces a natural, warm, visually-pleasing chip-sealed running surface.

  • Model SF2 - Synthetic Fluid-and-Fiber System

    Model SF2 - Synthetic Fluid-and-Fiber System

    Roads, pads or gravel runways built on marginal soils are costly to maintain and dangerous. SF2, Midwest’s synthetic fluid-and-fiber system was created to dramatically increase a surface’s strength, extend its lifecycle, and cut maintenance costs.