Milestone Innovatie System is a manufacturer of electrochlorination systems by raw material of brine or seawater for various applications.

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Zhangzhouer Road , Qingdao , Shandong China

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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)
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Milestone Innovative System (MIS) cooperated with Ourui Industry Co., Ltd. on Electrochlorinator manufacturing with MIS own brand as StoneChlor based in the China for International business. Milestone Innovative System (MIS) is a growing water technology company that has developed a electrochlorination technology with applications in the field of water, algae Prevention and bio fouling control using Sodium Hypochlorite, generated by Electrochlorination system on site. Our expertise is in designing the flowing based on actual circumstance with adopting our on-site electrochloriantion system.


The mission of MIS is providing the most advanced water disinfection solutions to meet world water disinfection demand.


By focusing on customers’ needs – to generate further sustainable and viable growth in activity and profit in the group, operating as One Global Company

On site generation is a proven, cost-effective, reliable and safe alternative disinfection treatment method. The use of on site generated sodium hypochlorite reduces the formation of disinfection byproduct and improves water quality. The process also offers other advantages as following:

  • Production of required volume

Efficient, stable disinfection that can be produced on site in required quantity and concentration( from 0.1% to 0.8%).

  • Waste-free production

Waste free production with environmental-friendly raw material: salt, water and electricity. NaOCl solution concentration up to 1.0% is not considered as hazardous material and will disintegrate in its natural components.

  • High profitability and independence

Saving chlorine supplier, storage, reduction and safety cost. Independent from delivery possibility of the chemical industry.

  • Process automation

Control of the complete technological process with a central PLC control system. Visualization of the entire process and logging of all key parameters of alarms. Any parts of the process of the system could also be adjusted by PLC.

  • Low operating cost

Applying with on site electro chlorination system could greatly reduce the operator to help users reducing the cost and other safety maintenance related cost.

  • Safety

Element chlorine is a dangerous chemical, it is harmful to human body like respiratory tract and retina or even death. On site generation with MIS electro chlorination system could prevent operator directly touches the chlorine or other strong acid and alkali for protection.

  • Water Plant

The main purpose of disinfecting drinking water is to kill bacteria and virus. Moduler Systems for drinking water disinfection, Mobile disinfection systems, On-site continuous production sodium hypochlorite solution with brine.

  • Swimming Pool

Mini type Electrochlorinator designed for low capacity required as swimming pool for water treatment disinfection.

  • Power station

In Power Generation Plants, Refineries and Steel Plants, our Electrochlorinator are extensively being used in disinfection on circulating water to prevent algae and mussel growth in power generating utilities.

  • Cooling & Processing Water

Systems designed for Industrial and off-shore application by using seawater to generate sodium hypochlorite for disinfecting on cooling water or processing water.

  • Oil & Gas

Skid or containerize Sodium Hypochlorite generator for feed water, process water and waste water disinfection by electrolyzing seawater to generate sodium hypochlorite.

  • Marine

Mainly applied in ballast water system treatment to prevent biotic intrusion.

  • Food & Beverage

Moduler brine based automatic sodium hypochlorite generator designed for food and beverage factory to disinfect processing water or the microorganism and bacteria from raw material such like vegetables and fruit.

  • Sewage treatment

Disinfecting waste water is to substantially reduce the amount of microorganisms in the water to be discharged back into the environment.