Milestones Building and Design

Milestones Building and Design

Milestones, fabric buildings supplier, has impressive solutions and reliable, versatile, fabric buildings, the strongest available, that cover all industries and commercial trades. Working with Milestones will prove to be the smartest business investment to make, you will see lower construction costs, less maintenance, lower operational costs and less energy consumption. The fabric buildings Milestones supplies are remarkable solutions for many applications. Industrial, commercial, agricultural, government, military, municipal, and public works to name a few and more specifically, aircraft, plane, helicopter hangars, car, truck, and equipment storage, marine and boat storage, equestrian indoor riding arenas, compost storage, recycling, fertilizer storage, and waste management, dairy barns, and cattle buildings, free stall barns, livestock feeding, dry bed pack barns, hay storage, grain storage, agricultural, industrial structures, manufacturing expansion and warehouse storage.

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3169 Sunset Way , Bellingham , Washington 98226 USA
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The Best Fabric Buildings -

Because of their strength, we consider all MBD Fabric Buildings to be the strongest fabric structures, the best in quality and longevity. MBD truss arch fabric structures and rigid steel beam frame fabric structures come 30' to 300' wide and wider. Our fabric buildings are not tents covered with canvas or vinyl. Our fabric buildings are industrial fabric structures and their great strength comes from heavier gauge steel and heavier fabric covers.

The Strongest Fabric Buildings -

Our larger buildings use rigid, solid steel beams, creating the strongest fabric structures in the industry. Our fabric truss arch buildings, though they have open web truss frames, are stronger fabric structures because they are manufactured with heavier gauge steel tubing. No matter what the wind and snow loads, each of our fabric structures are engineered for high performance in severe conditions.

Build-to-Suit Dimensions -

Our Crossover Buildings have build-to-suit dimensions including width, height, length, leg heights, inside center height and roof slope dimensions. The buildings rigid steel frame enables the manufacture of wide widths up to 300' wide and wider with no support columns. With our buildings, no pony walls are necessary. Dimensions that fit your structures exact requirements, Crossover Buildings are remarkable.

99% Lead Free Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Frames -

Our open web truss buildings have hot dip galvanized steel frames. The hot dip galvanizing process is done after all the welding and fabrication processes are complete on the buildings. We are 1 of 2 suppliers in the USA that do not add lead to the zinc process. Our hot dip galvanized steel frames are 99.999% lead free, 100% galvanized, with continuous covering on the purlins and trusses. On our Crossover Buildings, there is a choice of getting the rigid steel beam frames hot dip galvanized, or red or grey primed.

Greater Longevity from MBD Fabric Buildings -

When the application of the fabric building is to store corrosive materials like salt and sand, fertilizer and compost, we protect our buildings steel frame with 3.9 mils, 300% more, lead-free zinc than our competitors, who use .9 mils. All bolts, nuts and washers used in our fabric structures are zinc coated and sealed with an organic coating to protect them from corrosion. MBD fabric buildings last longer due to our steel galvanizing processes and heavier fabric covers. There is no better way to protect a fabric structures steel from corrosion.

Genuine World-Class Service  -

Milestones strives to meet and exceed customer expectations by providing pre and post sale customer service. The Milestones Service System includes 6 Service Modules: Fabric Buildings and Accessories, Project Management, Engineering, Foundation and Site Work, Installations and Preventive Maintenance Service Packages. Our personnel focus on providing customers with the ultimate value for the intended use of their fabric covered buildings. Get world-class customer service while purchasing Milestones incredible fabric covered buildings.