Miller Pipeline Corporation

Miller Pipeline Corporation

Miller Pipeline exists because we bring a unique set of skills to assist our customers in achieving their goals – supplying the world with energy. Our commitment to quality and to service means that we make sure it’s done the right way the first time. And the right way isn’t just how we’ve always done it – it’s the best way, whether using a technique we’ve used for decades or leveraging the latest technology to do something groundbreaking. We provide a range of pipeline contracting and rehabilitation services.

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8850 Crawfordsville Road , Indianapolis , 46234 Indiana, USA
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Service provider
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Pipes and Piping
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Regionally (various states or provinces)
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Over 1000

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Miller Pipeline is one of the nation’s premier natural gas distribution, transmission pipeline and utility contractors. We provide a comprehensive range of pipeline contracting and rehabilitation services for natural gas, liquids, water and wastewater pipelines. Specialty products and services for the industrial and telecommunication industries are also offered.

Since 1953, we have been leading the pipeline industry with experience and an admirable list of core capabilities and customer-centered solutions. Miller is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, and has regional offices stationed nationwide to provide a local resource for our customers. We currently maintain hundreds of crews of skilled, professional employees, many of whom have been with the company their entire careers. As a recognized leader in the industry, much of our success and longevity can be attributed to the quality of work we provide our customers and the professional and stable leadership at all levels within the company. The values and principals of a family-run business on which the company was originally founded, remain today as a cornerstone of our commitment to quality and value-added service.

Our commitment to innovative thinking, technical expertise, and dedication to excellent customer service has led us to be  regarded as a premier and well-respected national contractor among clients and competitors alike. Our ongoing focus on research and processes improvements and our reinvestment into the latest high-tech equipment allow us to ensure our customers receive the most cost-effective and value-added products and services available in a safe and efficient manner.

Last but not least, we have never taken our employees for granted. We know they are the backbone of our existence.


Miller Pipeline was founded in 1953 by Don W. Miller, as a transmission pipeline construction company covering the state of Ohio. The company branched out to Indiana in 1961 and, over the following years, expanded its operations to other locations across the country. Under Don's leadership, the company established itself as the high water mark in the industry. Brothers Paul, Dale, and Karl, along with Don, provided stability for the company and decades of family stewardship.

Today, as wholly owned subsidiary of Vectren, the second generation of leaders at Miller Pipeline proudly carry on the Miller tradition of quality and integrity.


Miller Pipeline, as an industry leader, will provide :

  • Quality construction, maintenance, rehabilitation services and products to utility, municipal, communication and industrial customers throughout North America;
  • A high standard of excellence;
  • Total customer satisfaction through value, innovation, reliability, dedicated service and financial strength;
  • A fair return to our stockholders; and
  • A safe, secure, growing environment for the benefit of our employees and community.


The management of Miller Pipeline has not only identified employee safety as one of the company’s core values, but they have placed it at the top of the list. This has not just been done in writing, but more importantly it is clearly visible through the company’s actions.
Just like most top performing companies, Miller Pipeline complies with all federal and state safety regulations (e.g. maintaining written programs, ensuring that all required training is complete, providing necessary safety equipment, facilitating safety meetings, conducting jobsite inspections, maintaining equipment in safe condition, etc). However, we believe it’s the things we do beyond government requirements that show how committed we truly are to providing a safe workplace for our employees.

Below are different elements of our safety program that show ways we go “above and beyond” for safety.

Management Commitment

  • A full staff of safety professionals manage the company’s safety programs.
  • Monthly meetings are held where executives review safety metrics including individual incidents and trends.
  • Quarterly Safety Meetings for field personnel are attended by executives.
  • Executives perform Jobsite Safety Observations throughout the year.
  • Financial resources are committed from the capital budget to eliminate identified risks.

Employee Participation

  • An employee-led safety team meets monthly.
  • Employee input is solicited before making significant changes.
  • Employees submit safety suggestions, questions and concerns through a monthly newsletter.
  • Monthly company newsletters feature artwork rendered by the children of employees about jobsite safety.
  • Various safety contests are held annually.

Training and Education

  • Daily Planning Huddles are held to identify the plan for the day and any potential risks.
  • Monthly Crew Meetings are held to review the contents of our safety newsletter.
  • Quarterly Safety Meetings are held to address corporate and regional safety concerns.
  • All scheduled meetings are required to begin with a safety message.
  • Leadership and task training are provided to potential Foremen.
  • OSHA 10 & 30 Hour training is provided to all Executives, Managers and Superintendents.

Hazard Identification

  • Leading causes of injury are the focal points of Jobsite Safety Observations.
  • Highlights of Jobsite Safety Observations are shared throughout the company.
  • Foremen are evaluated on Jobsite Safety Observation scores.
  • Full-time safety professionals are often placed on high-profile projects.
  • Several types of equipment and tasks have been modified to eliminate or control risk.
  • To help monitor driving habits “Driver’s Alert Stickers” have been placed on all vehicles.

Employee Recognition

  • Positive behaviors can result in points being earned back during Jobsite Safety Observations.
  • Employees who achieve 'Excellent' scores on Jobsite Safety Observations receive recognition.
  • Promotional items are given away during peak times of the year to raise awareness.
  • Raffles are held quarterly in each area to recognize positive safety performance.
  • A “Safety Excellence Award” is given to the top three performing areas each year.
  • Annual performance evaluations of all company personnel are tied to safety performance.

Incident Management

  • Employees are encouraged to report near-miss incidents.
  • An “Injury Hotline” has been established for all injuries to be reported immediately.
  • All injuries are investigated immediately and preventative measures are identified.
  • Lessons learned from each incident are reviewed with all employees company-wide.


Miller Pipeline is a nationally accredited assessment center for the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). We are one of a few pipeline contractors in the nation that is similarly accredited. As part of Miller's ongoing commitment to providing leadership to this industry, we were the contractor leaders in the development, implementation and management of the nation's largest operator qualification consortium for the gas distribution industry. The consortium, known as 'Qualified for One - Qualified for All' or Q41, and a program through the Midwest Energy Association, was established to provide the highest qualification requirements for all covered tasks in order to have crews work for most gas utilities throughout the country and respond to their needs the quickest. Additionally, Miller Pipeline qualifies their personnel under other material methods, such as Industrial Training Services (I.T.S.) and Veriforce.

Most of our employees who work on gas related activities hold more qualifications under this program than their current responsibilities require. This allows us to provide quick response to our customers, whatever their needs may be. We maintain complete records on all of our employees regarding the tasks they have been qualified in and we can provide quick response for any required certifications or evidence of compliance.

Miller Pipeline has also been an active participant in the development of the ASME B-31Q Pipeline Personnel Qualification Standard, being one of only 5 contractors in the Nation in this leadership role for this International Standard development. Miller Pipeline is a voting member serving on that committee as an on-going Standard revision process.

Drug and alcohol free workplace
Miller Pipeline Corporation has a long standing commitment to maintain the highest standards for employee safety and health and the use of controlled substances is contrary to these high standards.

As such, and to ensure Miller Pipeline's compliance with federal law, the company has implemented a Anti-Drug and Alcohol Program which has been frequently audited and approved. This D.O.T. Anti-Drug, and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program provides the program elements, procedures, and protocols for complying with Federally mandated requirements for the natural Gas and Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Industry, as well as to reduce accidents that result from the use of controlled substances, thereby reducing fatalities, injuries, and property damage which unnecessarily contribute to unacceptable losses.


Our capabilities enable us to partner with our customers from concept to completion. From providing a 24-hour customer service hotline to exceptional cleanup and site restoration, we take great pride in meeting customer needs and exceeding expectations every step of the way.

Throughout our history, Miller Pipeline has experienced much success in customer satisfaction and, perhaps not surprisingly, customer retention. Our customers recognize the inherent value in doing business with a company that is focused on their needs, not just the bottom line.