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Minden Systems Design, Manufacture and Install centralised Dust Extraction Systems. Primarily `on-tool` extraction of fine dust to prevent the atmosphere becoming polluted amd ensuring employees are working in a healthy and safe environment. The systems are renowned for thier consistent performance and longevity. An increasing global partner programme has resulted in increasing exports and overseas customer base. Enquiries from suitable partners or end users are invited.

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3 /4 Wayside, Braunston Business Park , Braunston , Northants NN11 7HB United Kingdom

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Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

Minden have over 25 years experience in manufacturing centralised dust extraction systems for Automotive and Industrial applications.

A sorry story for some
We have visited several sites recently where 'an other' new dust extraction system has been installed - as a 'package' with the paintspray booth. Sadly, turning out to be a white elephants with very poor performance. We have seen over sized motors, 5kw sold as 11kw and systems generally not very fit for use. Equipment that should last you for years should be chosen with the care.
An 11kw motor will cost you - 11kw in energy, every time it is in use. A 7.5kw will cost you far less over a year, especially if switching is in place to reduce runtime.
Choose carefully! Or face extra costs and frustration!

Further visit down-under
Following up on 2011, Minden visit the system installed at the MTA training school in Brisbane. A few days holiday in Australia, then an intensive two weeks in New Zealand. Attending the annual conference of the Crash Repair Association with our new distributor David Bennett. That was followed with visits to specify new Minden dust extraction systems for bodyshops in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Napier. The market here is still mainly populated with independent companies, in the high street as well as bodyshops - so different to the UK.

Minden System bought by Ayr company with large train refurb contract
Refurbishment programs have tight deadlines so efficient and reliable equipment is a must. A new Minden dust extraction system has been bought and installed at Brodie Engineering to hep keep them on track with their contract work.

Minden Systems go down-under
Masterbooth, manufacturers of paint-spray booths in Australia have signed up to Minden dust extraction systems to join their range of products. The first two units being shipped in July, Minden engineers fly over to train our new partners in installation and servicing

Landrover know about rugged, versatile, 'work-horse' products.
AMinden dust extraction system has been installed at their Solihull plant.

Minden Systems design new heads for McLaren Road Car factory
The McLaren Road Car factory is built to the highest specification and detail. To ensure Minden heads fit in with the rest of the factory, new heads that fit neatly into the paint preparation areas were designed.

Minden Systems now in new premises
Backing onto the canal at Braunston, we have lovely new premises. Now we can all fit in the office and have a desk each! The warehouse section is now much better organised and the assembly area is the best of all as now this area is surrounded by windows giving plenty of natural light and looks out over the canal. We have a picnic bench next to the canal for lunch or there's the Boathouse Inn next door!

Minden Systems go to China
5 Minden Systems were shipped to China, bringing the total exported to the Chinese to 22. Les Brooker, MD, goes to Shanghai to see existing installations and help increase the understanding of Minden Systems for our partners

2010 ending with a clean sheet
We started the year with a sheet of snow across many parts of the country, it now looks like the year will end that way too. It is unusual for many parts of the country to have snow in December, let alone several inches (and in November!). Odds at one betting shop are 7/2 for London to have a white Christmas.
Whilst the bad weather brings good business for bodyshops, many concerns are frustrated by lack of post, deliveries and staff. Despite last years lessons, it still brings the country to a grinding halt with motorway jams, port closures and poor train services.

Minden to Moscow
Our first sale into Russia! Now we need to learn Russian in 10 days! Lucky for us, we have a good translator with our partners Autopaint.

Minden join ABP Convention
Les joined 434 delegates for the Auto Bodyshop Professional Club Convention in Leicester. Some interesting issues facing bodyshops today were on the agenda.

Minden at the Mercedes Conference
We joined Mercedes bodyshop managers and owners from all over the UK at the annual Mercedes Conference held at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon and Chesford Grange.

Minden at Automechanika Frankfurt
Strong interest from many potential distributors and customers across the world kept us busy at what is renowned as the largest automotive trade fair in the world. Minden energy modules attracted the attention of many, who were then impressed by the high quality features, option on sizes and easy operation of the Minden dust plant. I want to visit the one in Mauritius!

Minden at MIMS Moscow
Together with our partners Autopaint, Minden took a stand at the Automechanika trade fair in Moscow. The Russian automotive market is no stranger to quality repair work and interest in Minden dust extraction was good.

Minden Systems developments
With emphasis on renewable energy and economy, we are concentrating on developing a system to recycle the heat generated by the motors in Minden Dust Extraction systems.

As an addition to our range of dust extraction systems, we are developing a more economic system that has uses less floor area to suit smaller workshops.

2010 Starting with a clean sheet
Virtually all the country has been covered with a white sheet of snow in the first few weeks of January, this clean sheet has brought a mixed bag of fortunes.
Many of the bodyshops are busy, a good start to the New Year for the automotive trade.
The disruption and traffic chaos has not been good for many others. Some caused by drivers who have no idea how to drive in the snow, some of whom are dismayed to find their cars have been towed away - they won't tell the media they left them in the middle of the carriageway.
My german friends cannot understand that we do not have snow tyres or chains, it is compulsory for them to have some. Perhaps a few entrepreneurs could sell them here!
Minden have continued their service through most of the bad weather, keeping customers going - especially important for our bodyshop customers who are busy!

Big or Small, there's a Minden system for all!
Alas, not a decent poet in site! (Oh no! another pun!)
Joking aside, as well as our excellent known brand customer sites (Aston Martin, BMW, Airbus), we have also many customers with single site independent bodyshops. What they all have in common is the need to have centralised dust extraction equipment that is dependable, easy to use and economical.
User training and advice are all part of our installation service.
KJ Rule, a Mercedes-Benz, VW and PAS125 automotive bodyshop is one of the latest to decide to add a Minden Centralised Dust Extraction System to their credentials.

Hoses and Accessories
We have just taken on a new line of vac blocks and hoses to add to our range of dust extraction accessories. Details will be added to our web site soon.

Minden Systems in Manufacturing
We have just finished an installation in Kelso where huge GRP tanks are manufactured. One of our 11kw centralise dust extraction plants has been installed to collect dust from grinders and hand-held saws.
GKN Aerospace on the Isle of Wight liked the first unit we installed at New Year so much, they have installed another centralised dust extraction system, capturing dust at point of drilling. The high velocity vacuum power and easy maintenance are just a couple of the features they benefit from. There is no better recommendation for Minden dust extraction systems as GKN have others on their site, but love Minden!

Minden Systems are going to the Mercedes conference
We have new and further developed ideas that we will be showing.
Aluminium dust need no longer be an issue with our ATEX models and a generous upgrade option.
Energy savings are high on the agenda with our 'AUTOFLOW' switching. These ensure units are not left to run-on when not being used.
In some cases, particularly where operations have two dust extraction units, changing to a Minden System can save a lot in energy, maintenance and running costs.
We will be having a free draw - the prize is a box of wine. All that is needed is a business card to enter.

Minden Systems have moved on!
It is now September and we have been in our new unit for 9 months. We have a bigger office and more warehousing, but are still struggling for space!
Has anyone got some 5m high racking to spare? !!