Minerals Technologies Inc.

Minerals Technologies Inc.

Minerals Technologies Inc. is a resource- and technology-based company that develops, produces and markets worldwide a broad range of specialty mineral, mineral-based and synthetic mineral products and related systems and services. The Company has four reportable segments: Performance Materials, Specialty Minerals, Refractories and Energy Services. The Performance Materials segment is a leading supplier of bentonite and bentonite-related products, as well as chromite and leonardite, to industrial and consumer markets globally. The Specialty Minerals segment produces and sells the synthetic mineral product precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), mines mineral ores and processes and sells natural mineral products, primarily limestone and talc. This segment`s products are used principally in the paper, building materials, paint and coatings, glass, ceramic, polymer, food, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

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The Performance Materials segment is a leading supplier of bentonite and bentonite-related products, as well as chromite and leonardite, to industrial and consumer markets globally.  Products offered by the Performance Materials segment include specially formulated green sand bond solutions for metalcasting, additives for powdered laundry detergent formulation, and pet litter.  This segment operates more than 25 mining or production facilities worldwide.  The Performance Materials segment also provides products for non-residential construction, environmental and infrastructure projects worldwide. It serves customers engaged in a broad range of construction projects, including site remediation, concrete waterproofing for underground structures, liquid containment on projects ranging from landfills to flood control, and drilling applications including foundation, slurry wall, tunneling, water well and horizontal drilling.

The Refractories segment produces and markets monolithic and shaped refractory materials and specialty products, services and application and measurement equipment, as well as calcium metal and metallurgical wire products. Refractories segment products and services are primarily used in high-temperature applications in the steel, non-ferrous metal and glass industries.

The Energy Services segment provides services to improve the production, costs, compliance, and environmental impact of activities performed in the oil and gas industry. This segment offers a range of patented and unpatented technologies, products and services for all phases of oil and gas production throughout the world.

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Technology is the key to Minerals Technologies Inc.’s (MTI’s) success. Our expertise in inorganic chemistry, crystallography and structural analysis, fine particle technology and other aspects of materials science applies to all our product lines.

In the mid-1980s, Specialty Minerals Inc. (SMI) was the driving force that helped revolutionize the way paper was made in North America when makers of printing and writing paper converted to an acid-free system using our precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC).

Our Minteq International Inc. (MINTEQ) unit is one of the world's leading developers and marketers of monolithic refractory materials as well as the innovator of a laser refractory measuring and application system that is the first fully automated module for measuring and repairing refractory linings in high temperature steel-making vessels.

Innovation is also imperative in our Performance Minerals business, which includes Specialty PCC and our ground calcium carbonate and talc products lines. Our scientists are continuously seeking ways to improve and differentiate our products to provide added value to customers.

As a research-based organization, we recognize that new product development is the lifeblood of our business. We invest heavily in research to maintain our technological leadership as the premier supplier of unique mineral products to worldwide industrial markets and to maintain our growth objectives. We own or have the right to use approximately 520 patents.

The corporation as a whole spends about 3 percent of sales on research and development—one of the highest of any company in the minerals industry.

Those R&D expenditures are allocated to our research teams for SMI and Minteq and to Discovery Research. The research and development teams for SMI and MINTEQ are headquartered in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley, where more than 140 scientists, engineers and technicians investigate new technologies, products and applications. About half of these employees are staff-level scientists. Many of these scientists hold doctoral degrees in inorganic, organic, and colloid chemistry, chemical engineering, paper science and fine particle technology.

MTI maintains a dynamic portfolio of trade secrets, know-how and patents and recognizes the importance of complementary technologies.  We are active in identifying and acquiring selected technologies through purchase or license.  MTI’s technology licensing office also offers valuable intellectual assets from our portfolio through donation, sale or license.

Minerals Technologies Inc.’s (MTI) industry leadership position is founded on our commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure our customers’ financial success by providing products and services that meet  the highest levels of consistency and performance. Through a commitment to “Performance Excellence,” we strive to improve our organizational effectiveness and capabilities and, consequently, deliver value to our customers.

At Specialty Minerals Inc. and Minteq International Inc., we believe our customers are the ultimate judges of our commitment to Quality and Performance. To achieve customer-driven excellence, it is not good enough to simply meet product requirements; we must also understand all product and service features that contribute value to our customer's processes. We place great importance on listening to our customers. Customer-driven excellence is a strategic concept within MTI that demands constant awareness of changing and emerging customer and market requirements.

Quality Management System – ISO9001 
Our Quality Management System is designed to manage the key aspects of Minerals Technologies “Value Creation” processes. Through proper planning, deployment, and monitoring of each process, we are able to adapt quickly and effectively to customers' changing needs. The Quality Systems of Specialty Minerals and Minteq are built upon the following principles:

  • Customer Focus
  • Process Approach
  • Leadership
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Factual approach to decision making

We have built a Quality Management System foundation through the certification of production facilities to the ISO 9001 International Standard. Where required, our systems are also fully compliant with the United States Code of Federal Regulations and Q7A Guidelines for the use of Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in the production of products intended for Pharmaceutical, Food, and Cosmetic applications. Each facility has an effective plan in place to continually improve our business processes and to ensure that customer expectations are fully met.

Minerals Technologies Inc.’s Specialty Minerals Inc. group manufacture products that can be used in applications that require approvals from regulatory bodies for their use in direct and indirect contact applications. Our precipitated calcium carbonate, ground calcium carbonate/limestone, and talc products are approved for applications in food, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, medical devices, as well as in the manufacture of materials that come into contact with these consumer products.

Where applicable, our products are strictly monitored for compliance to regulatory requirements, such as those of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Pharmacopeia (USP), European Pharmacopeia (EP), Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP), Clean Water Act, California Proposition 65, European Directives, Food Chemical Codex, CONEG Model Legislation (Heavy Metals), Chemical Inventory Lists, NAFTA, and many other regulations. At Specialty Minerals, we are committed to answering any question that you might have about our products’ compliance to a specific regulation.