Mixing and Mass Transfer Technologies (m2t technologies) is dedicated to solving your most difficult fluid mixing, mass transfer and wastewater treatment issues. In the Environmental markets we are a leader in designing and supplying advanced mixing technologies to improve oxygen mass transfer for secondary wastewater treatment plants and to address biological nutrient removal needs. We provide solutions with: High efficiency Aeration & Mixing. Oxygen Activated Sludge Treatment. Innovative Ammonia or Total Nitrogen Removal. Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion Systems.

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P.O. Box 315 , State College , PA 16804 USA

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Water and Wastewater
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Mixing & Mass Transfer Technologies (m2t) is a US corporation founded in 2001, with headquarters in State College, PA. The company’s founders are recognized experts and leaders in the mixing, mass transfer, aeration and wastewater treatment fields, with decades of experience in environmental and industrial applications. This experience includes the development of the UNOX wastewater treatment process that currently treats about 50% of US municipal wastewater flow.

In 2002, m2t acquired the Lotepro Environmental Systems Group. Lotepro was a major supplier of environmental technologies and technical services to municipal and industrial waste treatment plant owners for more than 30 years. Previously part of Linde AG, Lotepro is the most recognized name in the high purity oxygen, wastewater treatment marketplace, with more than 100 operating plants in the western Hemisphere. This acquisition brought with it extensive experience in designing, constructing, commissioning and supporting treatment systems globally.

Today, along with its unique mixer/reactor system designs for challenging industrial process applications, m2t offers a broad spectrum of mixing solutions for the environmental market. These include surface aeration systems with the most effective and energy efficient, mixing impeller designs ever produced. Additionally, m2t provides a variety of innovative and energy efficient process technologies for mainstream, and high strength side stream, nitrogen removal. See “Products” tab for details.