The MLU/recordum-Group is a leading supplier for monitoring solutions in five major segments: Ambient Air Quality Monitoring, Industrial Process and Emission Monitoring, Personal Safety and Industrial Hygiene, Aerosol Research, and Surface Water Monitoring. MLU - Monitoring für Leben und Umwelt delivers and services monitoring technology for the environment. The Austrian company MLU delivers and services instruments and systems for measuring ambient air quality. MLU is one of the most experienced solutions providers for particulate matter (PM) monitoring all over Europe and represents the broadest range of PM monitoring equipment.

Company details

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Monitoring and Testing - Environmental Monitoring
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:

MLU develops, produces and delivers solutions for air quality monitoring and services the appropriate instruments. The product range covers systems for emission- (1) and workplace (2) monitoring as well as for ambient air quality monitoring (3). For immission monitoring the MLU subsidiary recordum has developed the compact and easy to use air quality monitoring system airpointer.

Our management system is fixed in written principles and procedures ensuring its proper application, control and documentation.

Our management system arranges to comply with the arrangements made with our customers concerning the quality of performance. Furthermore, it avoids internal disturbances and losses. It corresponds to the demands of EN ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management) and EN ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management).

Our management system aims at avoiding mistakes by carefully developed measures.

The following are among them:

  • To guarantee and improve the customers contentment
  • To guarantee and improve achievements in environmental protection
  • To guarantee and enable the fulfilment of contracts
  • To draw up and distribute documents such as QUM-HB, VA and AA
  • To guarantee procedures with a reference to quality and environment
  • To settle responsibilities and to regulate interfaces
  • To guarantee the quality of our products, deliveries and services
  • To guarantee production and completion according to contract
  • To plan internal audits
  • To make available and maintain test equipment
  • To record and analyse quality assurance data and environmental data
  • To supervise the management systems efficiency
  • To guarantee staff qualification
  • To guarantee the quality of our services during their utilisation

The companies of the MLU group produce and distribute innovative system solutions for monitoring ambient air quality. Business activities cover Central and Eastern Europe. They extend worldwide with the products of the subsidiary company 'recordum'. Achieving high customer satisfaction is one of the most important company values. Therefore maximum quality, comprehensive service portfolio and special system support for the customer are top priority. Being an innovative company, the MLU group is anxious to enter new markets as well as to improve and extend the present product range. It is our goal to permanently secure the companies of the MLU group and to strengthen them by continuous improvement and long-term strategy.


The Austrian company MLU delivers and services instruments and systems for measuring ambient air quality. MLU with its branches and partners in seven Central and East European countries is specialized in continuous monitoring of ambient air immissions and emissions.

MLU - A Multinational Group from Austria
Very early MLU realized the chances of an involvement in its southern and eastern neighbouring countries and so it was already at the end of the eighties that the relevant monitoring technologies were presented to scientists and authorities. After the fall of the Iron Curtain and the opening of the former Eastern-Bloc states to 'western' technology, MLU was able to start its first two offices in Hungary and Poland at the beginning of the nineties.

Right from the start MLU took care of its customers being attended to by technicians and sales engineers in their own native language. The whole personnel has been carefully schooled and regularly takes part in further internal training. They can always rely on the support of product specialists in the whole of Europe as well as on the know-how of the main office in Mödling near Vienna.

Germany is considered the key market for ambient air monitoring technology. Since the main products had not been presented in an appropriate way, in 1994 MLU decided to take over the general representation of the traditional most important suppliers from the United States for this country as well. As a result, today MLU is number one or number two in countries with MLU offices.