The Mobius process is designed to turn scrap polyurethane foam into an ultrafine powder. The scrap may be from manufacturing, cutting or post consumer sources. The resulting powder can then be used to displace virgin chemicals in the manufacture of new foam. The properties of the original foam are maintained, so the economics are driven by the difference between the value of the scrap (which is usually low, or even negative), and the price of chemicals.

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Waste and Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)

Mobius is making recycling a reality by developing valuable technology and creatively bringing this technology to the global marketplace. We have focused our efforts to bring sustainable value to the plastic foam industry first. Towards this end, we have developed, manufactured, and commercialized a new way to recycle the foam used in the furniture and automobile industries. We have commercialized this technology in the United States and Europe and are currently expanding into South America, Australia and Asia. We are very proud to have partnered with The Dow Chemical Company to help globalize this form of recycling.

Our technical staff is comprised of innovative engineers and scientists with strong backgrounds in material science and process engineering. Our technical focus is figuring out ways to economically re-use and re-manufacture traditional materials in non-traditional ways.

Our business leadership and advisory group is filled with top caliber people from high-level industry positions who agree that traditional methods for promoting recycling need to be re-invented in order to address bottom line concerns. We are actively partnering with international finance institutions to provide the necessary stimulus to accelerate adoption of large-scale recycling.

I invite you to browse through our website and see how we are making recycling a reality. If you are interested in what we're doing, or share our goals, I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Dean Budney

Chief Executive Officer

Mobius has sought to leverage its technical and business resources and accelerate product development by establishing strategic alliances with industry leaders.

Prominent amongst these is the strategic alliance with The Dow Chemical Company, the largest chemical company in the world, and a dynamic player in the polyurethane industry.

The relationship with Dow gives Mobius access to the many hundreds of manufacturers of polyurethane products across the globe. The Dow sales force is educated and equipped to discuss the Mobius technology in detail with their customers, who are also Mobius customers.

Dow and Mobius have installed a Mobius plant at Dow's International Development Center in Meyrin, Geneva. This enables potential customers to see scrap foam being ground, and the powder incorporated into new foam.

Dow and Mobius are working together on numerous programs to enhance the technology and introduce novel chemistry to optimize the manufacture of new foam incorporating scrap.

Mobius has also entered into a strategic relationship with Energy and Environmental Ventures and their partners in China. This alliance permits Mobius to extend financing facilities to customers in China and South East Asia and thus to bring the environmental and economic benefits of the technology to these regions.

Mobius has manufacturing, laboratory, and office space in Grass Valley, California. The firm has on-site research and analysis capabilities including bench-scale foam production, particle and viscosity characterization, microscopy, and wet chemistry. Additionally, Mobius has capabilities in rapid prototyping, CAD, and finite-element analysis. Grindability of various materials and process optimization work can be accomplished using a wide variety of lab-scale to commercial-scale grinding and ultra-fine particle classification equipment.

In addition to these on-site capabilities, Mobius has facilities at Dow Europe in its International Development Center in Meyrin, Switzerland (near Geneva). This site boasts one of the world's highest concentrations of different types of polyurethane processing and physical testing equipment as well as many of the industry's top minds. The site also houses a Mobius grinding plant and the Mobius continuous mixing and deaeration process.