MOCON, Inc. - Baseline offers the ultimate environmental measurement solutions package. With a complete line of gas analysis equipment that is ideal for Toxic Workplace Gas and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Environmental Source Monitoring and Ambient Air Networks. With measurement solutions for BTEX, total hydrocarbons, methane / nonmethane, as well as many others. Also, available is the VOC-TRAQ®, a hand held USB toxic gas monitor, as well as a complete line of OEM piD-TECH® photoionization sensors.

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19661 Highway 36, PO Box 649 , Lyons , CO 80540 USA

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Monitoring and Testing - Air Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Baseline was first established in 1969 as Baseline Industries Incorporated. Baseline is known as an industry leader in the development and manufacture of gas sensors. Acquired by MOCON in 2001, MOCON, Inc. - Baseline manufactures and markets a full line of advanced gas monitoring instrumentation.

MOCON, Inc. - Baseline gas analyzers employ several principals of gas analysis including gas chromatography, continuous monitors and portable instruments. The product line also includes a variety of complimentary products such as multipoint samplers, calibration systems, sample conditioners, support gas generators, and data acquisition systems. Designed for optimum reliability, compactness, and operational simplicity, MOCON, inc. - Baseline products meet the growing demand for accurate low-level instrumentation.

MOCON, inc. - Baseline manufactures custom gas analyzers and detectors for toxic gas detection, environmental monitoring, mud logging hydrocarbons during oil and gas exploration, specialty and beverage gas analysis. MOCON, Inc - Baseline also produces the award winning piD-TECH series of photoionization sensors.

MOCON, Inc. - Baseline's Engineering Services group includes engineering, applications, and software specialists with extensive experience with gas monitoring systems to provide a total system solution for virtually any application. The Engineering Services group specializes in the manufacture of scalable, customized monitoring solutions, built to your specification. The considerable talents of this group combined with the modular design of the product line make MOCON, Inc. - Basseline a leader in the development and deployment of custom solutions for in situ or portable applications.

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Toxic Gas Monitoring
  • Ethanol Processing 
  • Specialty & Industrial Gas Analyzers
  • Beverage Gas Analyzers 
  • Well Logging & Biofuel Analysis