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  • Modular Buildings

    Modular Buildings

    Modulek have driven the market in modernising modular buildings by narrowing the gap between temporary and permanent buildings. Offering a truly permanent, cost effective, fast alternative to traditional construction, Modulek are able to offer buildings to suit almost any layout and design, using our extensive experience in delivering successful projects over the past 25 years, predominantly to the sectors.

  • School Fundraising Building

    School Fundraising Building

    Adding a new school building or expanding existing facilities is like an unrealistic dream for most schools today. With ever-changing award criteria, borrowing restrictions and stiff competition, it has become harder for schools to raise or ‘win’ the necessary funds. Through our ongoing market research in the field with School Business Managers, Finance Staff and Head Teachers, we have discovered how difficult and complex it is for schools...

  • Portable Buildings

    Portable Buildings

    As well as specialising in large modular buildings, we also provide portable buildings in the form of jackleg buildings, anti-vandal buildings and storage buildings.

  • Jackleg Unit

    Jackleg Unit

    Jackleg units give you speed of installation and flexibility. As an economical alternative to modular buildings, the portable building is manufactured in one single piece. This minimises on-site installation and gives you a speedy delivery. The beauty is that you can easily move these units around.

  • Anti-Vandal Units

    Anti-Vandal Units

    You want your staff, customers and possessions to be safe, which is why you should choose our anti-vandal units. The secure accommodation we provide is built to suit almost any purpose, from offices to welfare units.

  • Storage Units

    Storage Units

    Using our storage units will keep your belongings safe. Equipment, tools, materials and documents can all be stored securely. Whatever you need will be kept safe and secure in our storage containers, using our anti-vandal technology.