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  • Modular Tanks

  • ModuTank - Above Ground Water Storage Tanks

    ModuTank - Above Ground Water Storage Tanks

    In a growing number of applications, custom above ground water storage tanks or modular storage systems are increasingly utilized as alternatives to conventional round tanks. Among the advantages claimed for modular systems are lower per-gallon storage costs, ready availability from inventory, and rapid shipment and installation for permanent or emergency storage and remediation. By design, modular containment systems (i.e. above ground...

  • ModuTank - Alternative Large Capacity Frac Tanks

    ModuTank - Alternative Large Capacity Frac Tanks

    Fracking is a process used in drilling to maximize the production of oil and gas wells. The fracking process basically consists of pumping fracking fluid, under pressures of 10,000 psi and more, through the well’s piping to the target area deep underground. High pressure causes the fracking fluid, which is composed of various combinations of water, chemicals and sand, to fracture the rock and liberate trapped oil or gas. When the fracking...

  • ModuTank - Bladder Tanks

    ModuTank - Bladder Tanks

    ModuTank, Inc. collapsible bladder tanks are designed for containment of liquids for short-term, emergency, and quick-response deployment of fuel and water where storage is quickly needed but unavailable.

  • ModuStor - Bolted Steel Water Storage Tanks

    ModuStor - Bolted Steel Water Storage Tanks

    Bolted steel water storage tanks are the most commonly accepted solution for storing virtually any type of liquid used in commercial and industrial applications and are generally accepted as the industry standard. Bolted tanks offer considerable savings over site built tanks through economical shipping, fast assembly and their use of low-cost mass produced and factory galvanized structural components.

  • ModuTank - Custom Storage Tanks

    ModuTank - Custom Storage Tanks

    ModuTank Inc. has a continuous history as a problem solver with the ability to rapidly deliver innovative solutions to difficult and unique indoor and outdoor liquid storage applications.We understand that businesses need custom storage tanks that are specifically designed, installed, and configured to meet unique industry requirements. We offer storage systems for chemical, wastewater and...

  • ModuTank - Wastewater Storage Tanks

    ModuTank - Wastewater Storage Tanks

    Wastewater; a byproduct of drains and toilets from schools, homes, businesses and factories flow into sewer systems, on a daily non-stop basis. Other major producers of wastewater are rainwater, melting snow, water from street and sidewalk cleaning, as well as other runoffs flow through combined sewer systems destined for the city’s wastewater treatment plants.

  • ModuTank - Equalization Tanks

    ModuTank - Equalization Tanks

    Equalization of wastewater tanks is a vital part of waste management systems and for the minimization and control of inconsistencies in wastewater. Both primary types of equalization tanks; equalization of contaminants and equalization of flow, are engineered to deliver a constant rate of flow and contaminants to water treatment systems. In general, larger equalization tanks provide greater absorption and more effectively reduce the impact of batch...

  • ModuTank - Evaporation Tanks

    ModuTank - Evaporation Tanks

    Evaporation, which changes liquids into vapors at temperatures below their boiling points, has been used by industry to purify substances and separate liquid mixtures. Evaporation Tanks have numerous applications within the chemical, food and wastewater industries. What’s more, proper evaporation of waste solutions, such as dyes, inks, scrubber waste, air compressor condensation, chemical solutions, cutting oils and wash waters, may generate...

  • ModuTank - Field Erected Storage Tanks

    ModuTank - Field Erected Storage Tanks

    Versatility has made field erected tanks the popular solution for industrial and municipal needs such as potable water storage, wastewater treatment, chemical and fuel storage including numerous uses in manufacturing, processing plants, military bases, airports and other facilities.