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We supply a comprehensive range of Hygrometers and associated Dew point services for moisture measurement in gas. Moisture Control & Measurement Ltd (MCM) are the globally recognised leaders in gas moisture analysis. We are proud to manufacture and supply trace moisture analysers that are the preferred choice of industry experts for a wide variety of applications around the world. Moisture Control & Measurement Ltd is a privately owned UK company, with a specialised and dedicated team who focus on providing the best solutions in the field of moisture in gas analysis.

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Rudgate, Thorp Arch Estate , Wetherby , West Yorkshire LS23 7AT United Kingdom

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Monitoring and Testing - Air Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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With over 40 years of experience in hygrometry, we stand at the forefront of our chosen industry.

MCM was established in 1968 with the primary goal of developing moisture standards for the UK defence industry. Subsequently, by the mid 1970s, it became clear that the hygrometers available at that time could no longer match the performance of our new moisture generators and calibrators. And so a fresh R&D agenda was devised. With a drive for progression MCM began work on improving sensing techniques, looking for an alternative to the traditional measuring devices.

If it's true that good things come to those who wait, then the patience of the MCM team was rewarded with the development of the Silicon Chip Sensor. Unique in the field of moisture measurement, this revolutionary Sensor was pioneered in the early 1980s and its superior performance would be synonymously linked with MCM’s commitment to quality and original design. The Silicon Chip allowed MCM to push the boundaries of performance, offering the user unique features such as Temperature Control and the Push Purge® Sensor heating feature, which helped provide the fastest, most stable and most repeatable moisture analysers on the market.

Today, more than 25 years after the Silicon Chip was pioneered, MCM are still the only manufacturer to use this technology, and the associated advantages and benefits of its use remain unique to our instrumentation. With the principle of operation well established, we’ve developed new analysers that are geared towards ease of use and quality data capture, for rapid and reliable hygrometry applications throughout the world.

Since its inception in 1968 MCM has transformed from a small UK engineering company and evolved in to a global supplier of moisture analysers, systems and consultancy services.

Today's international markets demand fast and efficient service, independent of time zone. From our main base in the UK, MCM coordinates local support centres in Canada, Singapore and China, strategic locations from which we can respond rapidly to local market demands.

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The Temperature Controlled Silicon Sensor

Temperature Control – a Prerequisite of Good Hygrometry

  • The necessity for Temperature Control in hygrometry is determined by the Laws of Physics, which dictate that all hygroscopic materials will lose or gain moisture in relation to their temperature. This is clearly observed, for example, when condensation collects on a cold surface, and is then subsequently removed when the temperature of the same surface is raised above the temperature at which the dew forms.

Stable Operating Temperature = Stable Readings

  • This principle applies to any moisture Sensor. Changes in temperature will give rise to a variation in the amount of water the Sensor can hold in a state of equilibrium. This will, in turn, give rise to larger uncertainties associated with any measurement if Temperature Control is not applied. Therefore, if a Sensor is to give a reproducible response to a fixed water concentration, it must operate at a constant temperature. Accordingly, all MCM moisture analysers feature Temperature Control.

Laboratory Performance & Traceability – In the Field

  • By applying Temperature Control to a thermally stable Silicon Sensor MCM offers a unique advantage over its competitors who do not use Temperature Control, namely stability and traceability of data. This is particularly relevant when operating at temperatures significantly different from the temperature at the point of calibration.

The Push Purge® Feature

An Effective Means Of Verification

  • When sampling a gas for the first time, or if anomalies occur that cause concern, the ability to verify results is invaluable. MCM makes this possible with the Push Purge® feature. When activated the surface of the Sensor is heated rapidly, burning off superficial moisture any hydrocarbon contamination that may be present. As the temperature of the Sensor increases moisture is displaced and the displayed reading drops accordingly. As the Sensor cools, and equilibrium is re-established, the moisture reading will return to its previous value if surface contamination is negligible, confirming the value of the water vapour present in the sample gas. In addition, Push Purge® provides valuable information on the risk of contamination of the Sensor, the gas condition and the electronic functionality of the hygrometer.

Rapid, Repeatable Measurements by Eliminating Hysteresis

  • The effects of hysteresis are minimised when using Push Purge® because each measurement is started with the Sensor in a repeatable, dry condition. Equally, the time required for each measurement to stabilise can be vastly reduced by using the Push Purge® Sensor drying function to speed up the equilibrium process. The time it takes for the water vapour equilibrium to be re-established from this dry state will confirm the analyser’s sensitivity to moisture and establish its response time under field conditions.

Invaluable Diagnostics

  • Any hygrometer that has the ability to confirm its sensitivity or speed of response to changes in moisture levels, without disturbing the sample condition itself, is a valuable tool for any operator in terms of the confidence it provides in the data that is collected. Push Purge® is, therefore, an invaluable diagnostic tool which aids productivity and Quality Control.