Monoxivent creates smart and innovative air cleaning solutions for customers in workspace environments. Monoxivent systems eliminate hazardous fumes and particulate at the source. Monoxivent is your one stop source for welding fume and dust capture. Source capture arms, custom fume hoods, downdraft tables, portable filtration, cartridge and cyclone collectors.

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1306 Mill St. , Rock Island , IL 61201 USA
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Air Pollution Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)

Monoxivent is guided today, as it has been for 57 years, by Monoxivent's original values: a commitment to product quality, customer service, innovation, business integrity, and a high regard for individual contributions. Monoxivent, founded in 1953, has grown from a small shop to a thriving corporation that looks to carry its momentum into the years ahead. The company, which specializes in source capture systems and products, competes with the nation's elite in regard to vehicle and fume exhaust solutions. 

Monoxivent has grown and moved into a new office, production, and fabrication facility in April 2001. The corporate offices are located in a building adjacent to the manufacturing facility in Rock Island, IL. This move has allowed the Monoxivent team to serve its customers with more efficiency, while maintaining the quality that the company has built its foundation upon. Monoxivent also acquired additional capabilities and support in 2000. Monoxivent now has 'in-house' access to laser-cutting centers, a CNC punch, a plasma cutting system, and a team of specialty-weld designers. Monoxivent is proud to offer products 'Made In The USA' by its' team of experienced fabricators.

The manufacturing capabilities of Monoxivent include a complete line of vehicle exhaust extraction systems, hose reels, overhead and underground exhaust systems, source capture flex arms, portable filter units, wall mount filter systems, cartridge collectors with air pulse cleaning, cyclone dust collectors, free hanging filter units, fiberglass reinforced plastic UnderDuct/Corrosion Composites, and custom design build services for special requirements from our customers.

Monoxivent prides itself in developing and offering products that meet the demand for 'user friendly systems.' The design has been based upon direct communication with end users, listening to their needs and improving upon various ideas and concepts. This method of design caters to the users of our systems, thus making the purchase of Monoxivent products a wise investment.

Monoxivent, founded in 1953, has grown from a small shop to a thriving corporation. The “Monoxivent brand” originated under the KENT-MORE corporate umbrella in Detroit, MI. In the early days, the company promoted “getting rid of exhaust fumes, without wasting heat!” A selling point that holds true in the 21st Century. Health, safety, and efficiency were also big selling points in the 1950’s, as they are today.

The Monoxivent Jr. was an early top seller and was targeted towards gasoline service stations. The system offered an inexpensive, yet practical method of eliminating fumes. A version of this is offered today with high-temperature hose and door ports.

Underfloor systems were also very popular from the outset. Neoprene, stainless steel, and galvanized tubing were all popular options, especially in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

The company moved to Moline, IL/Rock Island, IL (Quad Cities), in the 1980’s. John Sandberg and Drake DeVore grew the business throughout the nation in the 1980’s and through the 1990’s. DeVore added “DSP” to the corporate name in the 1990’s. Today the company is referred to as Monoxivent once again.

Crawford Co. then purchased Monoxivent in 2000 and brought the company into its corporate mix. In recent years, under the direction of current president Bob Frink, Monoxivent has continued to diversify its’ standard product and has increased production of custom items. Sales have continued to grow and the Monoxivent “standard product offering” now totals over 900 items!