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Monoxivent Products

  • Accessories and Fume Detection

  • Tailpipe Adapter

    Tailpipe Adapter

    Monoxivent offers a variety of tailpipe adapters for almost any type of vehicle source capture. Our nozzles and adapters are easy to use, versatile, durable, safe and competitively priced. The adapters are offered as an adjustable vise clamp, tapered cone adapter, rubber body adapter, self-closing spring damper, vertical adapter, straight body neoprene adapter, and high temperature neoprene adapter.

  • Dampers, Blast Gates

    Dampers, Blast Gates

    Monoxivent dampers and blast gates are used to shut off airflow for systems not in use. The products are offered in a number of models and sizes.

  • Couplers


    Monoxivent stainless steel couplers are offered as male (cap and chain) or female models. The components, in many cases, make it easy to change a system over to meet demands.

  • Flat Swivel Connectors, Connection Flange

    Flat Swivel Connectors, Connection Flange

    Monoxivent's 360-degree flat swivel connectors are constructed of stainless steel and are offered in diameters from 4' through 10'. Monoxivent's Connection Flange is also offered in diameters from 4' through 10'.

  • Swivel Ball Joint

    Swivel Ball Joint

    Monoxivent's swivel ball joint is offered as an option for connecting flex duct to hard duct. In some cases, the swivel allows for easy positioning of the flex hose.

  • Door Ports

    Door Ports

    Monoxivent door (or wall) ports serve as an outlet for hose to be run outside a building. The port openings and the width of the portal will be constructed based on customer requests. Standard port openings are made for 2 ½', 3', 4', or 5' hose. No crush or metal interlock hose can be used within the ports.

  • Wall Boxes

    Wall Boxes

    Monoxivent's wall boxes are secured to a wall and ducted to a central fan. Customers supply the given dimensions. The cabinet is constructed of 20-gauge stainless steel. The wall boxes may be used for either single or dual hose applications.

  • Hose Storage Rack

    Hose Storage Rack

    Monoxivent's Hose Storage Rack offers an economical method of storing hose in a safe manner. The Hose Storage Rack is designed for wall or column mounting and features a curved support plate. The Hose Storage Rack is constructed of aluminum and is pre-drilled for easy installation.

  • Clamps


    Monoxivent's hose clamps are offered as Bridge Clamps and Worm Gear Clamps.

  • Pull-Down Rope, T-Handle

    Pull-Down Rope, T-Handle

    Monoxivent's 23859-T features a pull-down rope with a T-handle. This product is used, typically, with spring hose reels and overhead system applications.

  • Motorcycle Dyno Package

    Motorcycle Dyno Package

    Monoxivent's Motorcycle Dyno Package allows for safe and convenient removal of toxic exhaust. The adjustable brackets allow for versatility and ease for attachment of the high-temperature exhaust hose. The system features a Y-kit, removable slide base, a removable metal nozzle, high-temperature flex hose, a radial blade (D Series) blower, a unitstrut track, and couplers.

  • Floor Sweeps

    Floor Sweeps

    Monoxivent's Floor Sweeps are available in 4', 5', and 6' sizes and are provided with a kick open door. The FS is used as a clean out option for dust collection systems.

  • Fume (CO/NO) Detection Systems (Stand Alone, Remote Sensors)

    Fume (CO/NO) Detection Systems (Stand Alone, Remote Sensors)

    Monoxivent's fume detection systems are offered as either a stand alone system or as a system with remote sensors for CO or NO2. The stand alone systems feature two alarm levels (audio/visual), LED display, sensor, and two relays. Remote sensors are connected through a central panel. These systems are advanced microprocessor-based, featuring a high-quality stand alone controller, a unique high-tech enclosure, and all necessary characteristics to...