Motec GmbH

Motec GmbH

Motec is one of the leading providers of quality intelligent camera monitor solutions for utility vehicles. The product range incorporates reliable heavy duty cameras, monitors, cables, radio and control units and systems combining video and sensor technology. Whether its industry, shipping, communities, agriculture, logistics or defence - Motec components and systems make work safer and more efficient.

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Oberweyerer Straße 21 , Hadamar-Steinbach , 65589 Germany
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Industry Type:
Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

What Motec is

  • More than 20 years of experience In-house development and production
  • Presence across Europe
  • Established OEM partner
  • Customer-specific system solutions
  • Certified product quality

Safety built in

Motec is one of the leading providers of quality intelligent camera monitor solutions for utility vehicles. The product range incorporates reliable heavy duty cameras, monitors, cables, radio and control units and systems combining video and sensor technology. Whether its industry, shipping, communities, agriculture, logistics or defence - Motec components and systems make work safer and more efficient.

From camera manufacturer to system provider

Motec GmbH was founded in 1992 by Ferdinand Gräf and Michael Weber. Since then, the company has grown from a camera maker to an internationally-oriented system provider. Today, there are around 100 specialists working on our clients' varying requirements in sites in Germany and France. With our close-knit network of cooperating regional commerce partners and our own sales offices, Motec ensures fast, punctual and reliable support for its customers around the world.

Preferred OEM partner

Motec is a flexible, reliable partner as a supplier of original equipment. Our development, production and service processes are at an OEM level and comply with industry standards. Leading international vehicle, machine and plant manufacturers have been relying on our systems and components for years and have faith in our solution expertise and 20 years of experience.

Always one glimpse ahead

The 'safety first' principle is firmly rooted in all areas of our daily work routines - no matter whether it comes to construction sites, long-haul transportation, harvesting, high-rack warehouses or harbor terminals. Motec's mobile and intelligent camera systems are important tools helping drivers to take the right decision in any traffic/working situation and at any time.

Keeping tabs on everything: Individual system solutions providing an ideal view

We have developed from a camera manufacturer to a system provider over the last 20 years. Our powerful technology is supported by the extensive experience as well as market and industry expertise of our employees. They are familiar with our customers' requirements and business processes, knowing the different applications and their inherent view problems. Today, Motec stands for intelligent solutions which are exactly tailored to the relevant requirements and applications of our customers. Our aim is to always provide you with the solution which best resolves your visibility problem.

Keeping tabs on everything: Robust quality to ensure utmost reliability

Quality and reliability are the pillars of our work. Quality is a matter of attitude. All our employees are deeply committed to our challenging quality targets. The selection and processing of raw materials and materials as well as development, production and service have reached OEM standards. Motec complies with all international industry and quality standards. All our processes are seamlessly monitored and documented. In addition we are a vertically integrated manufacturer - simply 'made in Germany'. Our aim is to always provide the best and most reliable product.

Keeping tabs on everything: Competent service for smooth operation

Downtimes lead to financial losses and time losses while causing headaches, too. To make sure that you stay mobile and reduce downtimes to a minimum, we offer a 24 hour promise. This means that we will solve your problem with 24 hours. Our customers rely on specially trained service technicians who are familiar not only with the technology, but also with practical requirements. Our aim is to always provide you with a quick solution when you need it.

Keeping tabs on everything: An attractive environment for excellent employees

As an owner-managed company, Motec stands for long-term perspectives, reliability, as well as responsible and respectful contact with employees, customers and partners. Our flat hierarchies and our open, respectful communication offer an ideal environment inviting everyone to present his ideas and to actively participate in the development of our company while also allowing employees to focus on their personal development. Our aim is to find the best employees, attract them to the company and provide them with continuous professional development.

You can depend on that!

As an owner-managed, medium-sized company, Motec accepts responsibility for its customers, employees, backers and the public. This includes complying with all applicable laws, respecting ethical principles and ensuring sustainability at all times. This is just a selection of our guiding principles.

What Motec stands for

  • Taking on responsibility
  • Respecting human rights
  • Promoting equal opportunities
  • Protecting data
  • Acting with sustainability in mind

Human rights

Ethical behaviour is one of Motec's irrevocable guiding principles. We respect, protect and promote international guidelines on the protection of human rights as a fundamental, universally applicable principle. This applies not only to cooperation within our company, but also to the behaviour of and to business partners. Motec does not accept child labour among its suppliers or their subcontractors and is also active in preventing it.

Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities provide the basis for fair, open discourse without prejudice. Motec promotes diversity and tolerance with a view to achieving the best possible productivity, creativity and efficiency. We do not tolerate discrimination. Motec offers equal opportunities to men and women. We respect and observe membership of any ethnic or national group, race, religion, world view, age, disability, sexual orientation or other characteristics which are protected by law.

Environmental protection

Motec is continuously working to reduce the emissions caused by its production and to improve production methods, with a view to minimising energy and raw material consumption. In order to comply with this requirement, we have set up an environmental management system and have been successfully certified in accordance with ISO 14001. All employees must consider environmental protection requirements as part of their everyday work.

Product safety

Extremely high product quality is one of our primary targets. We comply with all legal and technical guidelines and standards for product safety and incorporates them even at the product development phase. Established, standardised processes ensure compliance with the necessary regulations and standards and are regularly checked for effectiveness and practicality.

Business relationships

Motec sets great store on openness and transparency in business relationships. We are consistent in implementing the statutory framework conditions, internal guidelines and company values and in communicating them clearly and unequivocally.

Market and competition

We are a fair, responsible competitor in our markets. We operate our business exclusively based on performance and based on the market economy and free, unhindered competition. We always comply with laws and legislation and with ethical principles. This also means we select our suppliers and service-providers carefully based on professional criteria.

Protection of data, business secrets and operating assets

Motec protects the personal data of employees, customers, suppliers and other parties affected. We gather, collect, process, use and save only the personal data which is required under statutory law or necessary for the normal running of the company. We are aware of the value of the company's know-how and protect it carefully. The intellectual property of competitors and business partners is recognised and respected.

Advantage through development know-how

Motec has more than 20 years experience in the development, the design and customisation of rugged camera monitor systems for mobile applications. Our experience is based on the creation of high value, which is added at our German location and rooted in long-term in-house development and production know-how. The close and interdisciplinary teamwork of our divisions—from electronics and software development to design, test management, production and cable assembly—enables us to develop our own designs as well as customer-specific camera monitor systems to the highest quality standards.

The list below presents a selection of the core competences of the Motec Development Department. If you are interested in establishing a development cooperation with us, or if you are interested in the development of customer-specific systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Motec development capabilities
  • In-house electronic, software and mechanical development
  • Design and production of analogue and digital heavy-duty cameras
  • CCD and CMOS experience
  • Comprehensive FPGA know-how
  • Development of standard and customised special cameras
Electronic system development
  • Motec has many years of experience in the development of robust cameras (CCD and CMOS technology)for the mobile use and their adaptation to customer- and application-specific features. This expertise extends to the development of complex and reliable video control monitors, e.g., CMOS technology
  • Extensive experience in the development of complex high-speed designs with Altera and Xilinx FPGA and DDR3 memory integration
  • Comprehensive knowledge when it comes to the consideration of environmental effects when using commercial vehicles in rough terrain (vibration, shock and temperature resistance, EMC performance, protective circuits, etc.). Furthermore, we also take into account the special requirements of mobile power supply systems (wide voltage ranges, load dump, etc.)
  • Development of electronic systems, taking into account industry-specific requirements and standards (e.g., MIL standards)
Software development
  • Programming complex embedded systems including FPGA- and micro controller programming (Hardware/Software Codesign, In-the-loop testing)
  • CAN bus programming and the evaluation and programming of analogue and digital control signals
  • Image processing and extensive image evaluation, such as image optimisation, pattern recognition, stitching, etc.
  • Application development and programming of ergonomically designed user interfaces
  • Development of apps for operating systems of mobile terminals such as Android or iOS
  • Design and optimisation of cameras with regard to viewing angle and visual field
  • 3D design of robust and ergonomic housings for commercial vehicle use in close coordination with the electronics development department (simultaneous engineering)
  • Development of enclosures, taking into account durability and impermeability to protect against environmental influences (dirty water, dust, heat, chemicals, electromagnetic radiation)
  • Technical know-how in the design of aluminium die-casting and plastic injection-moulded housings, aluminium and stainless steel milling housings, sheet metal bending parts and their respective surface treatment
  • Development of protective covers for the use in explosion-hazardous areas classified as Zone 1