Mother Lode Reclamation of Africa an NGO 054-833-6481

Mother Lode Reclamation of Africa an NGO 054-833-6481

Mother Lode Reclamation a non-profit organization that has been Mandated by the Government of Ghana to reclaim and restore the thousands of acres of mined land left by illegal Galamsey miners. The President has stated that it is the responsibility of every resident of Ghana to support the reclamation effort through donations to the NGO that is starting the Largest Reclamation Project ever planned in Africa. There are over 30,000 illegal concessions left from when the government deported more than 11,000 Chinese miners. This left mined land with tailings ponds that are breeding grounds for mosquitos and they left tons of Mercury a deadly metal in the ground and this has to be removed to insure the purity of the drinking water in the area. We have started hiring women who will be our Fund Raisers in the field and their job will be to call on every business in Accra to starat and solicite contributions from those who own the business. This will create many jobs and a tax deduction.

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