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Mott Manufacturing Ltd

Mott Manufacturing provides complete solutions for all your laboratory needs. Serving the industrial, pharmaceutical, education, health care and government markets since the early 1960`s. Our goal for our products is simple: make them well, make them on time, and make them affordable. We accomplish this by committing ourselves to two things: state-of-the art technology and excellent customer service.

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452 Hardy Rd , Brantford , Ontario N3T 5L8 Canada
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Laboratory Equipment
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Globally (various continents)

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Mott Manufacturing provides complete solutions for all your laboratory needs. Serving the industrial, pharmaceutical, education, health care and government markets since the early 1960's. Our goal for our products is simple: make them well, make them on time, and make them affordable. We accomplish this by committing ourselves to two things: state-of-the art technology and excellent customer service.


Each of Mott's manufacturing facilities is outfitted with the latest state-of-the-art tooling technology available. To make quality products, on time and affordable, the best technology is absolutely necessary.


You have access to a broad selection of products in wood, steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel. These products are built to strict and established standards. Such as UL, SEFA, ASHRAE, ANSI, CSA, FSC, AWI, and many others.

We manufacture the very finest laboratory furniture steel casework • architectural wood casework • core based systems • plug and play workstations • mobile carts and tables • overhead service carriers • fume hoods and much more…

Each laboratory's needs are unique, we can design and engineer products to meet your exact requirements. We’ll accommodate your needs without damage to your schedule or your budget.

We're committed to the environment. Our steel casework and fume hoods are made from the most recycled material on the planet and is covered with a modern VOC free powder coat paint. Our wood products support sustainability and indoor environmental health, and are protected by a VOC free, rock hard UV flat line finish system. When it comes to fume hoods saving energy, your options with Mott are almost limitless.

All of our products are designed to meet the demanding needs of the ever-changing laboratory. We use only the finest materials available in all of our products. Mott is one of the elite few in this industry that is ISO 9001:2008 certified. It is the foundation of our commitment to you. It provides a framework for your satisfaction. It demands a process that works every day, that prevents inevitable mistakes from reoccurring, and that is built around our customer. It takes substantial resources to acquire and obtain this certification, but we understand this process is another way we can provide the satisfaction you deserve.

We have an established international dealer network that is factory trained to furnish, deliver, and install your project competently.

When considering your next laboratory project, contact Mott Manufacturing to discuss the many ways we can make it better.

Mott Manufacturing Ltd. has an interesting history dating back almost 100 years. A company known as Goold, Shapely & Muir established the company's original foundation in the early 1900's with products such as fire ranger look-out towers, farm tractors, and windmills. The Great Depression claimed this company in the early 1930's.

In 1934, H. E. Mott Company Ltd. was incorporated from the remains of Goold, Shapely, & Muir and it continued to manufacture similar products. Mott's present day focus on steel case goods began during World War II when it manufactured steel cabinetry for radar equipment shipped to Britain.

The company moved to its former Wadsworth Street Brantford facility in 1958 when it installed a continuous metal preparation, coating, and baking process. During these years the company added kitchen cabinets to its product lines and in 1961 it began manufacturing steel laboratory furniture for the Canlab furniture division.

In 1963 the company became Mott Manufacturing Ltd. when Mr. L.A. Crews purchased it. The relationship with Canlab resulted in increased production capacity dedicated to steel laboratory furniture. During this period, a ready-to-assemble product line of steel kitchen cabinets was also developed, manufactured and shipped to Canada's Northwest Territories, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.

The new millennium begins with Mott focusing on the North American laboratory furniture market, and the company has been acquired by Bill Stover (Executive Chairman) and Ed Seegmiller (President/CEO). In April 2003 the company moved into its new Brantford facility that features a state-of-the technology powder coating line.

In April 2007, Ed Seegmiller entered into an acquisition agreement with Bill Stover for the purchase of Bill's shares of Mott over the next few years. Consequently, Ed was appointed as President & CEO, and Bill became Executive Chairman. Ed then brought Mario Di Fonte, Vice President of Sales & Marketing on as a partner to continue the success of the company.

To offer one-stop solutions to our customers Mott acquired a new plant dedicated to the manufacture of wood casework for laboratories. Production in our new wood facility began in April 2009. Mott is recognized by The Rainforest Alliance as certified for Forest Stewardship Council Chain-Of-Custody and has been quality certified to AWI 'Premium Grade' in the national Quality Certification Program.

In 2010 Mott increased the size of its Brantford facility in order to support increased production requirements. In 2013 Mott incorporated Mott Manufacturing Inc. in Bedford. Virginia to meet the growing demands of the market and to fill its expanding needs.

Mott is a member of the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association®, US Green Building Council and it is certified to ISO 9001:2008, an internationally recognized Quality Management standard. Mott's line of steel and wood laboratory furniture meets the performance requirements of SEFA 8. Fume hoods meet ASHRAE and UL 1805 standards, many of our products are UL listed and comply with other international standards.

Our customers define quality. They expect and we deliver market leading cycle times and service, with competitively priced product produced to their exact specification, shipped complete and on time. We operate an effective quality management system that provides the performance evidence we use to satisfy customers and continually improve processes and product. Our employees are empowered to detect, correct or prevent non-conformances in a timely manner.

We grow consistently and profitably by investing in the development of our human resources, in productive equipment and technology and in relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers.

Should further information be required regarding our ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, or should any of our customers have product or service quality improvement suggestions,

Environmental concern has become a key issue of our time. Mott is committed to help make a positive difference. Our approach is built upon a foundation of Practices, Production and Products that focus on corporate and environmental responsibility while enhancing product quality and managing costs.

Long term sustainable efforts cannot be achieved without the commitment of our people. The Mott team aims to manufacture products that are durable, contain a high recycled steel content, and use sustainable materials that will generate no VOC’s and minimal waste. We protect the health of our employees and consumers by making low-emitting products and by using production processes that generate few pollutants.

  • Establish goals, track performance, and share results for continuous improvement.
  • Maximize steel and wood utilization and recycling to reduce excess waste sent to landfills.
  • ISO 9001:2008 registration assures a process that works for our customers.
  • Member of U.S. Green Building Council.
  • LEED AP (Accredited Professional) on staff ready to assist with LEED registered projects.
  • Certified by the SmartWood program of the Rainforest Alliance to FSC Chain-of-Custody standards.
  • California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant.
  • Supporter of Laboratories for the 21st Century.

We are always in pursuit of excellence. We strive to produce high quality products and put in practice sustainable processes that improve the means of production. Today’s consumers demand products manufactured using socially responsible processes; this means reducing emissions and waste, measuring and reporting results, and minimizing raw material use.

  • Invested in modern manufacturing facilities with an extended life cycle.
  • Incorporates lean manufacturing processes to maximize value and minimize waste.
  • Implemented advanced integrated flexible manufacturing equipment to minimize scrap.
  • Powder coat reclamation booth that minimizes waste and provides a clean working environment.
  • In-house water treatment facilities that meet stringent government requirements to protect local water ways.
  • UV flat line finishing system meets SEFA 8 standards, emits zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using solvent free UV coatings.

Our vision is to create sustainable products that will continuously adapt to changing needs. Our objective is to develop new products and systems designed to be reconfigured and relocated, offering flexibility to laboratories. Our products are durable and easy to maintain and we supply products compatible with those purchased years ago so furniture can maintain full functionality for an extended life cycle.

We place our focus on developing safe and energy saving fume hoods for the laboratory industry. For LEED projects Mott will offer materials which will help you in attaining LEED status

We are a high value manufacturer delivering quality laboratory furnishing solutions to meet our customers' exact requirements. Our competitive solutions result from responsive team work with our skilled distribution partners. Jointly we deliver high value through consistent installed quality and on-time performance.

Our success results from the continuous improvement contributions of our employees, suppliers, distribution partners, customers, and the professionals who specify our product.

Mott Manufacturing provides complete solutions for all your laboratory needs. We offer a full line of products featuring quality steel laboratory furniture, premium grade architectural wood casework, adaptable and mobile furniture systems, high performance and custom fume hoods, custom stainless steel work surfaces and sinks. We have been serving the industrial, pharmaceutical, education, health care and government markets since the early 1960's. Since each laboratory's needs are unique, we can design and engineer products to meet your exact requirements.

Customer Satisfaction is Mott's First Priority - Delivering industry-leading customer service is more than just words to the Mott Team.
We know that satisfied customers drive our success. We therefore provide our customers with the following key values:
Consistent Product Quality - Our ISO 9001 Registered Quality Management System, supported by quality materials and skilled employees, ensures only high quality product is shipped.

Quality Product On-Time - Our competitive manufacturing lead times, along with our high on-time and complete shipment performance, provides our customers with reliable delivery of high quality products.

Adaptable Product Line - Our extensive modular product line permits our customers to readily configure the most productive solution to meet their specific requirements. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities allow convenient modification of standard components to fit the unique requirements of each laboratory.

Competitive Value - Our several decades of application experience allows us to provide productive furniture solutions to our customers.  his experience, along with our high product quality, custom manufacturing capability, consistently strong service levels, and competitive pricing provide high value to our customers.

Extensive Dealer Network - Our dealers are exceptionally qualified. We build strong relationships with our dealers to provide industry-leading service levels. Our dealers' on site leadership and years of experience combined with our design and manufacturing skills deliver the very best in laboratory furniture solutions.