Mourik Groot-Ammers B.V.

Mourik Groot-Ammers B.V.

Mourik`s combination of earth moving and industrial services led in 1980 to Mourik becoming one of the first companies in Holland to start up its own environmental activities. Our comprehensive field of activities now ranges from setting up environmental management plans to dealing with environmental disasters and in situ and on- and off-site decontamination. In the field of soil, water and air purification we have carried out numerous projects, both in connection with industrial waste streams and remediation projects. Our cleaning installations are made up of fully mobile modular units. We have our own biological soil remediation facility in Kallo (Belgium). GRC Kallo is also equipped to clean soil by means of a washing process

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Voorstraat 67, P.O. Box 2 , Netherlands
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Service provider
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Site Remediation
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Internationally (various countries)

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The origins of the Mourik organization can be traced back to the twenties where in Groot-Ammers Mourik started as a company laying electricity cables, at first aboveground but later also underground. The experience gained with the digging of cable trenches then led to the contracting of work for the laying of water and gas pipes and telephone cables. On 12th May 1933 the company Joh. Mourik & Co's Aanneming Mij. N.V. was registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Dordrecht, but already existed since 1929.

When in the nineteen twenties J.C. Mourik and Joh. Mourik started the Mourik company they could never have guessed that at the beginning of the 21st century a company with a turnover of over 400 million euro a year and establishments all over the world, would be the result. This did not happen by chance, but as the result of natural progression. Having started with excavation work and road building, the next step, following the completion of several infrastructure projects in the Europoort/Botlek area, was made by offering services, such as cleaning or civil and mechanical engineering. Nowadays Mourik offers these services to the client more and more frequently, supplemented by other disciplines, as a total package. We are able to do this on the one hand because we offer the total package jointly with other contractors, and on the other hand because we are constantly adding new disciplines to our range of activities, such as concrete repairs and conservation, project development, electrical engineering, roofing, plumbing and integral maintenance of real estate.

The forms of collaboration between client and contractors and between the contractors themselves are continually evolving. Traditional relationships are increasingly making way of alliances, partnerships and performance based contracts, in which the main emphasis is on mutual trust, collaboration and gain and pain sharing. Added to this is the fact that because a wider and wider range of work is being contracted out, contractors are nowadays no longer responsible for the execution alone but also for the management of all project and maintenance activities and for the development of total maintenance concepts.

For project development too, we offer a total concept. Besides this, many forms of collaboration are possible. This is partly determined, for instance in a development plan, by whether or not we own any of the land. In various locations we have bought contaminated industrial sites (e.g. Billiton in Arnhem and Zinkwit in Maastricht, in order to revitalize these again together with the autorities. As regards golf-course projects, we are able after hand-over to take over the entire maintenance of the new golf course for the operator. We do this in Holland, Belgium and Germany.

Our vision is that this trend towards new forms of collaboration and total concepts will develop further. Mourik has already built up considerable experience in this field, but we are well aware that we need to further intensify this knowledge. We aim at a pro-active, versatile and flexible approach, in short at being a reliable partner who has more to offer than manpower and equipment alone, and who together with the client does its utmost to achieve their joint objectives. This means that we must continually invest in quality, know-how and expertise, which are essential succes factors and by which we aim to distinguish ourselves positively.

The turnover amounts over 400 million euro and Mourik achieves this turnover with some 2,000 employees in permanent employment. Mourik has a strong capital base and our profit percentage after tax is 2,9%.

Mission Statement
Mourik is an innovative family business that combines traditional human values with modern entrepreneurship, sophisticated technologies, inspiring leadership and a proactive attitude. We are a reliable partner capable of creating worldwide added value with a broad range of services in more than one technical field, taking advantage of the synergy between the Mourik companies.

Mourik stands for a healthy yield, continuity, working safely and a socially responsible business.

The Mourik companies with about 2,000 employees generate an annual turnover of over EUR 400 million. The profit percentage after taxes is 2,9% and Mourik has a strong capital base.

To enable us to operate on a worldwide scale, we have branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Aruba, the United States of America, Venezuela, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India and China.

The core activities are: infrastructure, industrial and commercial construction, industrial services, catalyst handling, environmental technology and project development.