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  • Optical Sorting Applications - Plastic Sorting Equipment

  • CartonSort - Nir Sensor Sorting System

    CartonSort - Nir Sensor Sorting System

    For specifically removing beverage cartons (with/without aluminum layer) from mixed plastics streams the CartonSort  recycling technology will be your choice. Based on the popular Sapphire sorting module, the MSS CartonSort provides MRFs a flexible solution for automated optical separation of aseptic, gabletop and drink cartons as well as other selected materials. The CartonSort Module uses a highly advanced nearinfrared (NIR) sensor that...

  • Aladdin - Optical Sorters

    Aladdin - Optical Sorters

    By far our most popular optical sorting module! For sorting plastics by type and color at the same time in MRFs and plastics converter facilities (PET, HDPE) the Aladdin is among the best optical sorters. It contains NIR and color sensing capabilities to sort by resin and by color. Furthermore, an optional transmission sensor allows for the sorting by opacity (e.g. transparent vs. opaque PET) as well as positive identification of black plastics such...