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  • Service for Waste Water

  • Leak Detection Service

    Leak Detection Service

    Keeping pipelines in good condition means to protect our environment. Therefore a regular inspection of a pipeline system is essential.Geodynamic changes in the soil can cause various types of water losses. WCS - Water Control Systems® allows a permanent monitoring of pipelines and can prevent you from expensive leakages.

  • Longitudinal Profile Measurement (LPMH) Service

    Longitudinal Profile Measurement (LPMH) Service

    Problems with incline or efficient waste water disposal! Regular inspected inclines guarantee safe and appropriate waste water disposal. LPMH - System is the quality assurance instrument for waste water disposal lines. The LPMH measuring system is an innovative technique to survey and visualise the slope / depth profile of buried pipelines after their final build-in position (closed trenches). The LPMH measuring system is a must for documented quality...

  • Deformation Measurement Service

    Deformation Measurement Service

    Deformation- and Caliber-Measuring Instrument DKM 150. TÜV (Technical Control Board) tested. Until now pipelines and conduits could only be inspected in respect of quality. With the deformation and caliber measuring instrument DKM 150 there is for the first time an instrument available with the help of which inexpensive and robust mechanical scanning process can measure the diameter of a pipe either seperate or during a TV inspection.

  • Pipeline Detection Service

    Pipeline Detection Service

    When plans ar inaccurate or missing It is often necessary to locate pipes. With special pipe location methods it is possible to locate all lines precisely metallic and non-metallic.

  • Pipeline Cleaning / Air - Water Jetting / Polly Pig Method

    Pipeline Cleaning / Air - Water Jetting / Polly Pig Method

    The air - water pipe flushing is a precautionary cleaning of potable water systems up to DN400. Sediments such as ferric, manganese, lime, humus, sludge, sand and other deposits will be removed from the pipe preventing from the danger of water turbidity, unpleasant odour and bad taste.