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  • Cable Recycling

    Cable Recycling

    Being a manufacturer ourselves gives us a vital advantage when it comes to recycling. We now have one of the best facilities available on the market to recycle the 40 000 T of Non Ferrous materials we receive each year. Thanks to our specific process, we recycle all existing cables, whether copper, aluminium, reinforced, lead-lined, underground, telecom, submarine, very high voltage, ACSR, greasy, and so on.

  • WEEE Recycling

    WEEE Recycling

    As soon as the European Directives 2002/96/CE were published, MTB RECYCLING, in partnership with specialist companies, designed and developed innovative, simple and high-output mechanical solutions to convert WEEE at the best cost.

  • Aluminium Product Recycling

    Aluminium Product Recycling

    We have designed and developed an innovative recycling system that we use to process aluminium products to refine them, by separating the steel inserts, PVC, stainless steel and so on. The single step in this process provides its users with huge advantages since it combines significant production capacity with extremely low usage costs.

  • Tyre Recycling

    Tyre Recycling

    For several years we have been working on optimising mechanical tyre recycling processes, in partnership with our customers.

  • ASR Recycling

    ASR Recycling

    MTB RECYCLING has already installed numerous ASR processing plants to deal with this waste and separate it from plastics, textiles, metals and inert materials (stone, glass, wood).

  • NHiW Recycling

    NHiW Recycling

    NHiW or household waste is likely to contain a large number of different products, some of which have financial value (metals) and others significant calorific value. The difficulty in the process lies in isolating certain elements and preparing the products to optimise energy conversion.

  • Commision Work Services

    Commision Work Services

    We provide our equipment for commision work services. We can process under optimum conditions both recurring products and non-standard waste (coins, boats, counterfeit luxury products, skis, toys, sports equipment, wood, etc.).