In 1990, a fledgling company began with the dream of creating a mud cleaning system that would be affordable, easy to use, and better for the environment than any other system in the drilling industry. From that dream the MudPuppy was born, and these modern cutting-edge machines are now a must-have in the geothermal, waterwell, mineral exploration, geotechnical, and trenchless drilling sectors of the drilling, mining, and construction industries. We are relentless in our pursuit to be the best in the industry and to provide our customers with the best service experience we can. We have dealers all over the United States and overseas so we can offer our customers the fastest delivery on any of our six types of MudPuppies. Our customers know that when they need a part replaced or have questions that need answered, they can count on MudPuppy Int`l to get them what they need, fast.

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15064 Anacapa Rd. , Victorville , CA 92392 USA
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Pumps & Pumping
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Globally (various continents)
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The great warranty on our MudPuppies means we are a name you can trust. We want returning customers, not just customers for one sale. For over twenty-five years, it's our customers that make us a success.

A seasoned driller and roughneck, owner Tony Tibban created the MudPuppy because he saw the need for a quality machine that was not only efficient at getting rid of mud waste and keeping drill sites clean and tidy for drillers, but also a product that was affordable for business owners and drillers. He gained inspiration for the MudPuppy from his experience while working in the oil fields. He particularly liked how the oil field systems kept the oil sites clean and tidy while doing all the dirty work. Before this product, Tony describes that drilling without a mud system is ' digging a hole with a shovel already half full of dirt'. He knew that with his drilling experience he could undertake this project and create patented products that drillers would love because of the product's quality and warranty.


In 1990, Tibban's MudPuppy started to become a reality! His MudPuppy has been described as 'a driller's dream come true!' From the original MudPuppy to the new Sand Guzzler, Tibban is constantly working on making his products better. Tibban has improved upon the original MudPuppy making it environmentally friendly, user friendly and efficient. Also, because Tony was a driller and knows that drillers take pride in building things, you can purchase the machine as a whole or piece by piece (parts are in stock and can be shipped right to you).

Tibban's products have been used traditionally for drilling water wells, but have expanded to being used in geothermal drilling. Ultimately, according to Tibban, 'if you've got flowing mud, you need the MudPuppy to control it.' Tibban's products are currently being used for drilling water wells, as well as geothermal drilling to name just a few of the applications. As for the future, Tibban Manufacturing will continue to work with drillers to stay on the cuttings edge of technology.

Honesty, Commitment & Quality – A Driller’s Best Dream Come True!

Welcome to, home of the infamous MudPuppy solids control system. Tibban provides only the best products available because our products are built and created by individuals who have got their hands dirty in the field. Years in the drilling industry has given us the knowledge to create machinery that fits the needs of drillers. The MudPuppy was born out of necessity and continues to sell because of its effectiveness in the field. Backed by quality and a warranty, Tibban’s MudPuppy will perform around the clock (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, not like other machines on the market) for your drilling project. The MudPuppy “Recycles the mud and dumps the crud!”

Experience Matters

The owner and creator of the MudPuppy has years of experience working in the drilling field and industry. Just ask him, he can tell you all about it! This means that he understands not only the logical and technical aspects of drilling, but he also knows a thing or two about what drillers want and need to make their jobs more effective and their services more affordable. Tibban understands these needs which is the reason why he has created and continues to improve upon the MudPuppy.

Above All Else – Customer Service Is Our #1 Priority

In a day and age where customer service seems to be falling by the wayside, Tibban MFG Inc. seeks a higher level of customer satisfaction. From ordering your MudPuppy to finding replacement parts, Tibban Manufacturing is here to help. Whether you have questions about how to set up or use the MudPuppy or you would like to call and brag about how great the product is, someone will be there to listen. We want you to be a customer for life, not just for your one time purchase (you’ll love the MudPuppy so much that you’ll be back). Join the MudPuppy family because you are not just purchasing our product, you are purchasing our experience, expertise and willingness to go the extra mile for our customers.

Areas Serviced

While the company is based out of sunny California, you can get a MudPuppy or parts shipped to you anywhere in the world.