MuniRem Environmental, LLC

MuniRem Envirionmental, LLC, pioneered the development of MuniRem, the first demonstrated technology that achieves instant neutralization of bulk explosives, bomb fillers and chemical warfare materiel (CWM) at ambient temperature. The technology is a solution for a broad range of explosives and munitions constituents including Mustard (CWM), HMX, RDX, TNT, TNR, DNTs, ADNTs, NBs, NDMA, Nitrocellulose, Nitroguanidine, PETN, PBX and reactive Aluminum. MuniRem is used in operating munitions manufacturing facilities for routine cleaning of the facilities as well as used in remediation projects for sites that are being repurposed.

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Service provider
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Globally (various continents)


MuniRem can be applied to a wide variety of remediation and neutralization applications including:

  • Instant neutralization of bulk explosives
  • Concurrent in-situ degradation of munitions constituents in soil and groundwater.
  • Range sustainment and management - grenade and gun ranges.
  • Decontamination of explosives contaminated buildings, pipes and equipment.
  • Decontamination of munitions casings prior to recycling
  • Decontamination of mold in buildings
  • Treatment of decaying ordnance (including damaged and/or underwater)
  • Degradation of PCBs and pesticides
  • Precipitation of metals as the insoluble metal sulfides
  • In-Situ remediation of chlorinated solvents

Proven Capabilities and Field Success

Dr. Nzengung and third parties have completed feasibility tests over the past 13 years using munitions contaminated soils from multiple field sites across various geological settings. The results of our treatability tests confirm that DNTs, ADNTs, TNT, RDX, HMX, and picric acid and other nitroaromatics, either individually or in mixtures, can be rapidly degraded to regulatory levels or non-detectable levels using MuniRem.

MuniRem has been demonstrated and validated at US Department of Defense installations to:

  • Neutralize recovered bomb contents and decontaminate bomb casings;
  • Rapidly treat high concentrations of TNT, RDX and HMX in soils;
  • Degrade explosives in water including pink water to non-detect concentrations;
  • Degrade explosives in spent activated carbon (GAC) from pink water treatment;
  • Neutralize highly reactive open burn open detonation (OBOD) ash;
  • Treat bag house waste which passed TCLP test;
  • Destroy high explosives and stabilize metals in demilitarization sludge;
  • Neutralize solid propellants of different particle sizes;
  • Degrade sulfur mustard to ethylene gas (the same gas from degradation of chlorinated solvents by zero valent iron and anaerobic bacteria);
  • Decontaminate walls in explosives handling and processing buildings using a spray of liquid MuniRen reagent;
  • Decontaminate demilitarization/militarization equipment