Munisense develops, produces, supplies and manages innovative measurement solutions for businesses and governments. Solutions that give stakeholders direct online insight into noise, water quality, water levels and air quality. The information is online available at any time for visualization, analysis or periodic reports. This way managers and policymakers can measure in real time; remotely, reliable and smarter. Munisense is pleased to work with a growing network of international representatives and distributors around the world.

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Fruitweg 36 , Leiden , Zuid-Holland 2321 DH Netherlands

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Software vendor
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Environmental - Environmental Monitoring
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Globally (various continents)
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We offer unique and affordable services for real-time noise measurements. Our equipment is optimized for environments and situations where independence of energy and data communication network are also of great importance. 

Quick and cost-effective integration of noise measurements for businesses, governments and authorities. Besides developing products and services, Munisense also handles the operational processes to keep applications running, like network monitoring and maintenance. 


Noise measurements: Managing noise in Leuven nightlife

The city of Leuven in Belgium wants to limit noise nuisances from nightlife for its citizens and they want to prevent damage to the hearing of the nightlife participants. The city has issued regulations that require establishments that play loud music to limit the sound levels and monitor these levels continuously. Munisense provides noise monitoring equipment to almost 100 establishments and provides management and the city with compliance data. The system consists of a sound meter, a display that shows the real-time sound levels, and an on-line portal to view violations and historical data. For more information please see