Musthane develops designs and manufactures solutions and products based on two expertise areas: Design to Flexibility : Design & manufacturing of solutions based on flexible and resilient structures: flexible tanks, inflatable jacks, pneumatic pipe plugs, lifting bags.Design to Mobility :An offer of services for any emergency situation requiring rapid deployment: Helicopter landing mat, tents, forward area refueling equipment, temporary access road. Musthane is a French private industrial company. We can boast more than 100 years’ experience in France and worldwide in designing, manufacturing and completing projects with a high technological added value for our customers. Our major asset is our know-how which is combined, shared and capitalised by all employees on our variety of projects, with demanding customers. Our solutions often include flexible structures based on technical textiles. Our equipment has been designed for emergency situations or situations requiring high mobility.

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53 Rue de la République , Willems , 59780 France

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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Our objective is to offer unexpected solutions more powerful than obsolete techniques, to meet performance standards determined by our customers.

Our numerous certificates and awards (ISO, DCSEA, MIL, Grand Prix Européen des Technologies Nouvelles…) are the guarantee of our objective of applying strict standards when conducting our actions, to satisfy our customers.

We offer our solutions throughout the world from our local or regional branches.

Our customers call upon us when they need:

  • to use composite structures or flexible structures based on technical textiles (Design to Flexibility®)
  • equipment to be agile and mobile in case of natural disasters or any other cases of emergency (Design to Mobility®).
  • technical or operational advice on our areas of expertise.

Our customers call upon us when they value reactivity as a critical quality, while keeping their budget under control.

Our customers call upon us when they want their problems to be examined globally. They do not contact us just to have products; they also need advice, systems or even turn-key solutions.

Our customers are national or international public organisations; sovereign states; major companies and small and medium-sized companies.