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  • Hot Water Meters

    Hot Water Meters

    Our Elster UK, previously Kent Meters, flowmeter range is the perfect solution for your water systems management and commercial billing. With sizes from 2-8 inches these bulk flow meters, with pulsed output, monitor the water flow of large amounts of water. Elster metering is a leading manufacturer of innovative water meter solutions, so with an Elster meter you know you are getting the very best product for your hot water application.

  • Cold Water Meters

    Cold Water Meters

    Our range of Elster, previously Kent water meters, and Itron cold water meters provide you with the very best quality at competitive prices. All are direct read meters with pulse kits, where applicable, and fittings from .5 to 4 inches. So you are guaranteed to find the right solution for your cold water system. As with any Elster meter, Kent meter or Itron meter you are getting seriously smart metering from cutting edge manufacturers.

  • Woltmann Water Meters

    Woltmann Water Meters

    Our pulsed range of Woltmann Elster and Itron meters and accessories are all PN 16 from 1.5″ to 20″ fittings.