N-Con Systems Company, Inc.

N-Con Systems Company, Inc.

N-CON Systems has been a market leader in water and wastewater sampling and monitoring equipment since its establishment in 1967. We are proud to have been the first to introduce a solid state controlled sampler, a solid state refrigerated sampler, a weatherproof refrigerated sampler that didn`t require a shelter, and a runoff study sampler. Today our product line range includes both the traditional designs for automatic water and wastewater samplers, as well as the latest equipment for on-line toxicity or inhibition monitoring. We are a woman owned small business concern dedicated to the development, design, manufacture, and marketing of equipment that will help professionals monitor and protect the world`s environment.

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130 Old Edwards Road , Arnoldsville , GA 30619 USA
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

N-CON's traditional sampling instruments provide waste water treatment plants, industrial treatment facilities, and researchers with automatic rain, surface water and wastewater samplers that are easy to use. Our products are made to the highest standards as we pursue ISO 9000 certification. N-CON instruments are considered industry standards due to their dependability and our customer service commitment.

In the 1980's, N-CON began to develop a new line of analytical instruments. The first of these was the Comput-OX Respirometer, an instrument that measures oxygen demand in samples of soil and water. The manufacture and sell of the Comput-OX respirometer product line was discontinued in May 2005.

Company History

The Beach family founded N-CON Systems in 1967. Since its founding, N-CON has remained a family-owned and operated business. Between 1967 and 1995, N-CON was located in Westchester County, a suburb north of New York City. In October of 1995, the company moved to Crawford, Georgia. N-CON's office and manufacturing facility is located in the Clean Waters Building on North Street in Crawford.