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The following products are approved and accepted by the Indian Mining Industries since last 10 years for better environmental mining conditions. DUSTRON PC Compound: For the open cast mines haul road where the dust emission is because of heavy earth movers of high capacity trucks Dozzer, Tippler etc. DUSTRON PC is used for various classes of mines in India for dust suppression in the mines are iron ore mines, zinc mines, lime stone mines, copper/chromite mines.

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86 Commonwealth Ave , Piscataway, , New Jersey 08854 USA

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Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
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less than 1,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We’re representatives of DUSTRON™ range of products for the Dust Suppressant / Dust Control effectively eliminates unwanted dirt roads or unpaved roads consisting of any soil.

Offering our customer Dust Suppression products & system for Mines, Our product is based on surfactants and not Salt, Lignin, Bitumen, Vegetable oil, Guar gum or PVA and any other film forming polymer. The product does not have any effect on environment and bio degradable which is tested by Central institute of fuel and mining research Dhanbad India.

The product are being used in India and recently supply to South Africa market for platinum mining Our product is bio degradable so one application can not run for 3 month as it start degrade after 20 days.You can decide the application on the utilisation of road and the recommended concentration is depends on the traffic and geographical position. In open cast mine some of the cases only one time application is possible but in all case the condition and other environment and geological conditions are important. If customer is interested the we will forward him the questionnaires and on reply we will study and answer you properly.

  • Cement Plants,
  • Thermal power plants,
  • Fertilizers plants,
  • Steel plants Sulfur producer and Ports Jetty such as Hydro Carbon
  • Surfactant Dustron,
  • Hydro Carbon Surface Treatment Material,
  • Road Dust Regulator Dustron,
  • Dust Control Binding Material Dustron,
  • Coal Crusher,
  • Road Dust Controller,
  • Cement Plant - Dustron XT LIG,
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  • Dust Suppression,
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  • Dust Control Chemical For Coal Mines,
  • Dust Control Chemical For Lignite Mines,
  • Dust Control Chemical For Metal mines,
  • Dust Control Chemical For Bauxite Mines,
  • Dust Control Chemical For Non Metal Mines,
  • Dust Control Chemical For Thermal Power Project Mines,
  • Dust Control Chemical For Coal/ Lignite Base Mines..
  • Effective in dry weather and does not run-off in the rain.
  • Stands up to heavy haul truck traffic.
  • Mixed with water and is applied topically to the road or soil.
  • Reduces road maintenance costs due to the increased and lasting compaction and strength values that result from the product’s application
  • Allows use of marginal soil materials, thereby reducing the standard reliance on expensive aggregates and gravels.
  • Results in harder and more durable roads in all weather.
  • 100% biodegradable
  • More cost effective than similar products
  • More cost effective than any dust control product.