National Airoil Burner, Inc  (NAO)

National Airoil Burner, Inc (NAO)

National Airoil Burner, Inc (NAO)

Manufacturers of air pollution control equipment, vapor control units, and combustion equipment. Complete Environmental Services. Combustion Flares, Oxidizers, Sprayers. Emergency Portable Units For Rental. Full Site Support & Engineering.

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1284 East Sedgley Ave. , Philadelphia , PA 19134 USA
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Air and Climate
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Globally (various continents)

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Fluidic Flare Burner


  The NAO Fluidic Flare Burner will provide Extended Flare Life due to:

 The NAO Fluidic Flare Burner will reduce Operating and Maintenance costs due to:

  1. No need for internal refractory lining that will eventually crack and need to be replaced.

    This is because combustion inside the flare burner is eliminated with the use and location of the Multi Baffle Fluidic Seal.

  2. The Fluidic Seal Provides more efficient air ingress protection than the flare stack seals and reduces the purge gas consumption and flare stack seals.  The location provides protection for the stack as well as flare burner.

  3. The 'Solid' Conical Type Windshield keeps the flame away from the flare burner shell.  The Air Gap provides cooling and allows heat to dissipate away from the windshield material.  Protection is provided for the flare burner as well as for pilots.  The windshield protects the pilots from destruction from the flare burner flame.


  4. The Top of the flare burner shell is equipped with a Life Extender Reinforcing Band.  This ring is made from the same material and thickness as the flare shell.  It prevents the formation of cracks in the upper section, due to excessive stresses induced by the high heat/cooling in the top.

  5. Excellent Flame Retention:

    The Fluidic Flare design incorporates NAO's VorTuSwirl Flam Retainers for high flame stability at exit velocities up to 0.8 Mach.  NAO’s VorTuSwirlflame retention ring is attached to the top of the flare burner to provide this stable flame.  The unique patented vortex flame retention vanes create a flame recirculation zone to insure a stable flare flame and complete combustion.  Using an open pipe without retention for the flare burner, a maximum exit velocity of only two-tenths sonic could be used to insure a stable flame.  By using the VorTuSwirlflames retention system, a much higher exit velocity can be attained which helps to hold the flame more erect against the wind, therefore reducing flame tilt and grade radiation.  By minimizing the wind effect, the overall life of the flare burner is increased.