National Environmental Trainers, Inc.

National Environmental Trainers, Inc.

National Environmental Trainers is a full-service compliance education solution for individuals and/or corporations. Our main office is located in Augusta, Georgia. The company is comprised of highly skilled professionals from the environmental and instructional design disciplines. We reach out to various companies, universities and other orgranizations seeking new design techniques to enrich our course offerings. We constantly research and experiment with new instructional designs to bring you state-of-the-art courses. Our company is privately held.

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207 W. Millbrook Rd, Suite 115 , Raleigh , NC 27609 USA
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Training provider
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Hazardous Substances
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Nationally (across the country)

In the mid 90s, we were the first to recognize the potential market in web-based training or e-learning as it would be later called. After years of award-winning environmental remediation experience largely with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, we decided to set our sights on designing, developing and providing the highest quality possible in online Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) training. In 1998, we offered our first web-based course. It was the first time that any EH&S training course was posted for commercial use on the Internet.
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Our success took us into some of the largest companies in America. In 1999, the largest provider of traditional classroom training (General Physics) was launching a Virtual University and sought our help in the development and delivery of online EH&S training.

As our company grew, different markets emerged and competitors began offering online EH&S Training. One of the advantages of being first in this market is that we have stayed on the cutting edge of this new technology.

Highly Skilled Certified Health & Safety Professionals
Since 1998, we have trained thousands of people from various industries requiring EH&S training. We have also trained officials from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), United States Coast Guard, (USCG) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

If you have experienced online training developed by our competitors, or you have been asked to evaluate online training by your company, please try our training and services. We believe that you will be glad that you did.

We are a nationally renowned training firm that specializes in online environmental, health and safety (EH&S) training for Fortune 50 companies, federal and state regulators, medium to small companies, the federal government and individual professionals. This includes training officials from OSHA, EPA, DOD, DOE, NASA, USCG, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of Homeland Security and many other regulatory agencies. In addition, we have also been fortunate enough to train thousands of professionals across every industry in the private sector.

What Makes Us Different?
In 1998, we were the first to offer online EH&S training. We became the pioneers of online training by offering the first interactive self-paced online course and the first major online learning site. We have extensive experience integrating three core tenants of successful online training: design, OSHA compliance, and service, all through our unique process. “Everyone claims to do it, only a few of us do it well.”

Our success in the marketplace is clear. We are the largest private training provider of online HAZWOPER and HAZMAT training in the United States. Because of our clients, we are the premiere EH&S training company in the nation. The name “National Environmental Trainers” (NET) is the most recognized name in the EH&S training industry. Compliance officials including regulatory agencies see our certificates on a daily basis.

We provide true regulatory compliant training. Our training is also engaging, enjoyable, and very easy to use. We also employ various comprehension tests to ensure a student meets or exceeds the regulatory requirements.

NET was founded in 1996 with the purpose of creating value for our clients through innovative applications of environmental health and safety training materials. NET provides our clients with technical expertise that assists them in meeting compliance deadlines and in managing crucial projects on time and within operating budget. We are known for the quality of our product, the professionalism and business expertise of our consultants, and the personalized nature of our services.

Since 1998, we have become a respected leader in the online training industry, known for our unparalleled content and customer service. In pioneering this field, we saw first-hand how to develop effective online training that is both informative and enjoyable. We believe we are the industry’s gold standard for richly interactive, effective training.

Our experts research the latest regulatory information and place the material in a multimedia format. This produces an engaging training experience for workplace learning and performance. We also conduct onsite training for companies that must comply with the OSHA site-specific training requirement.

Our company is equipped with well seasoned engineers and scientists who have extensive field experience coupled with graduate degrees from major universities or colleges. We work closely with regulatory officials to ensure our training services are compliant. You can expect a training product that is truly regulatory compliant, user friendly, and adds value to your company and operations.

Our instructors have many years experience in the Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) field – 35 years plus. This includes experience in the following industries: general, construction, chemical, nuclear and working for regulatory agencies.

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They also hold advanced degrees i.e., M.S. or higher related to the EH&S arena (engineering and science). Moreover, our instructors have also taken additional continuing education courses from such well known institutes as Harvard University.

Also, some of our instructors are former OSHA Training Institute (OTI) instructors who have worked with OSHA to develop standards and guidance documents. This key experience helped us produce training courses which are considered by many to be among the best. Two of the instructors worked with U.S. OSHA in the promulgation of the HAZWOPER Standard.

We also hold professional registrations such as the Registered Professional Industrial Hygienist (RPIH) designation. Be sure your certificate is signed and sealed by a registered professional.

In 1998, we pioneered the online training industry. We were the first to provide commercially available online training. Today, “National Environmental Trainers”® is the most recognized name in training – classroom or online. Compliance officials from OSHA, EPA, DOT and others see our certificates on a daily basis.

Our original vision of providing workplace training, any time and any place, at the learner’s pace is now becoming a standard feature of workplace training for our clients and many others.

Our experience in working with our clients over the past several years has taught us a great deal about how to provide an effective online learning solution that meets our clients’ training needs. This along with subject matter experts from the Environmental, Health & Safety field produces what we believe is a compliance solution unmatched in the training industry. Experience in this field is everything.

We continuously evaluate and evolve our content development approach, hosting solutions, and learner management features from real-world customer feedback. At NET, it is all about the client and how to productively meet his/her needs. Our mission is to provide organizations with a highly effective on-line training solution that can be implemented quickly at a competitive price and supported with great customer service.

Some people have asked us to explain how or why we were the first to offer online Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) training. The impulse for the idea came from our Founder/Owner Clay Bednarz in 1996. He was enrolled in a graduate degree program via long distance at Southern Methodist University (SMU) while employed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The course work required viewing a series of actual classroom videotapes, and submitting work to instructors. He believed that if long distance education was viable, why not long distance training?

At that time, no online training existed with regard to the EH&S field. Computer Based Training (CBT) i.e., CD-ROM was available “but was very limited in its design and use”. He prepared a list of pros and cons and soon realized that because of many sound reasons, (no travel, lodging or per diem costs) online training would be a viable option. He then began assembling a staff of various professionals to design and develop a online training course. On June 28, 1998, National Environmental Trainers® published the first web-based EH&S course (HAZWOPER 8 hour annual refresher) for commercial use.

Today, there has been an explosion in the training marketplace and many companies offer this type of training. We are very grateful for the support of our clients over so many years. In our view, it does not matter who was first, the only thing that matters is who best serves their clients. We believe we left a digital footprint for online training but the story is far from over. Emerging technologies in training design and implementation continue to improve. 

Our goal is to assist our clients in meeting their training objectives through the use of multimedia instructional materials and seasoned training professionals. This results in a positive educational experience. Our broad range of expertise is complemented by our sincere commitment to providing the highest quality health, and safety training offered in the marketplace. Our programs are based on real-world concerns and issues, which ensure our clients receive quality instruction aimed at maintaining regulatory compliance, reducing injuries in the workplace, and saving money. We design training programs that yield reliable results, we use validated methodologies for improving performance, and we use a national network of faculty in specialized fields.

Our instruction is based on proven health and safety fundamentals from both theoretical and practical applications.

However, our online safety training is not just a simple conversion of instructor-led content, but requires significant interaction to test student competency. Interactive questions, simulations, and activities are also part of online safety training experience. We believe that students should know fundamentals as they apply to the health and safety arena.

We can also seamlessly customize online safety training courses with company-specific information, or build a custom online training course for your organization, allowing for a more relevant online safety training approach.