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  • Service & Support

    Service & Support

    Mono can offer additional levels of customer support, including renewal, replacement or upgrading of equipment, with an unprecedented product and service offering to ensure total customer satisfaction.

  • Installation and Commissioning Services

    Installation and Commissioning Services

    The NOV Installation and Commissioning team is a single point of contact to organize and manage a large-scale installation schedule at your construction site.  

  • Completion Services

    Completion Services

    We offer integrated completion fluids services to facilitate each well’s final operations, prior to initiation of production. FluidControl provides chemicals, filtration equipment and onsite expertise designed for optimal compatibility with each reservoir formation, enabling you to control your well through precise flow and density settings.

  • FluidControl Waste Management Services

    FluidControl Waste Management Services

    Oil and gas wells cannot be drilled without creating waste. However, with good waste management practices, the amount of waste and the toxicity of waste can be reduced. By far, the greatest volume of waste generated in the drilling process is drilled cuttings. The first step and perhaps the best waste management practice is good solids control equipment, such as the NOV line of BRANDT™ shale shakers, mud conditioners, and centrifuges.