Natural Seawater Desalination Ltd

Natural Seawater Desalination Ltd

We are manufacturers of desalination units for seawater, brackish, hard water,... Our products line includes complete plants for cities municipalities, and small residential units. We rely on the process of Room Temperature Evaporation, rather than Reverse Osmosis. As most of the plants for seawater desalination are relying on reverse osmosis, and they are dumping all separated salts back into the seas, consequently the salinity of seas increased dramatically. Then we are supplying plants with Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) to repair the damage caused by reverse osmosis plants, stopping completely any increase of seas salinity.

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Sarnia , Ontario Canada
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Water Filtration and Separation
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Nationally (across the country)
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Natural Seawater Desalination is a new process imitating the natural process for generating pure rain water from sea water. This process does not consume any energy while separating pure water from seawater. This is simply room temperature evaporation: Very simply water evaporates at room temperature without any need of any external energy, the heat needed for vaporization is obtained from the bulk of water cooling it. This is why this process will replace all the other processes sooner or later.

Scientific progress of our civilization neglected completely natural designs, and relied on the mental thinking of individuals, an attitude which deprived us from a huge lot of progress. It is far more preferable for every research worker to consider first, with ultimate priority, natural designs.

Our civilization started only 150 years when the Europeans started building railways, and locomotives, before this we were on horse backs with swords always looking to kill each other. We are an awfully primitive civilization in a very, very, very old universe. The age of this universe can never be estimated. Our Milky Way galaxy has over 400 billion solar groups like ours, which were built consecutively.

The Lord filled the seas with all the possible kinds of fish, all sizes, all colors, and shapes, however none of these fish, not one, has its normal habitat on the surface of sea water, as the surface of water is a very dangerous place during winds, however the intelligent, the incomparable,.. Human Beings of this planet are building their ships moving on the surface of water???

If we are beginners in building airplanes, the first idea which cross any mind is to imitate flying birds designs, however we are still insisting on all the possible ridiculous designs ever, and to make things even worse, those who designs our airplanes are considering themselves of superior mentality, THIS IS WHY THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY OF ANY KIND TO REACH A LEVEL OF MENTAL TARDINESS, DARKNESS, OBSCURITY,… BEYOND WHAT HUMAN BEINGS ON THIS PLANET COULD ACHIEVE.

The biggest provider of pure rain water is still the CREATOR, who avail huge amounts of pure rain water practically everywhere, by an obvious process clear to every eye, which is evaporation at room temperature, a process which does not need any external energy. All the other processes: Multiple Effect Evaporation, Multi Flash Evaporation, Vapor Compression, Reverse Osmosis need a huge lot of energy to complete this separation. However, as usual, our beloved Human Beings are adamant to exclude any room temperature evaporation. Are Human Beings under the direct control of evil spirits leading them always into nonsense???

Reverse Osmosis consumes a lot of energy. Van’t Hoff Equation defines the osmotic pressure (π) to be equal to (i) Van’t Hoff Constant (which is practically the number of ions of the salt, for dilute solutions) X the molar solute concentration per liter (c) X the universal gas constant X the temperature in Kelvin (similar to the universal gas equation).

Π = i c R T.

A rough estimate for sea water osmotic pressure (considering the salt to be only NaCl) at 42,000 ppm: π = 2 X 42/58.5 X 0.082 X 293 = 34.5 atm, this is the theoretical osmotic pressure, without considering membrane fouling, or any pretreatment and after-treatment equipment. (Recent research workers overlooked Van’t Hoff work, and concluded so many differential equations which when integrated, unverified constants appeared.) Actual operating conditions need over 80 atm.

Fouling enforces manufacturers of reverse osmosis equipment to hide the fact that membranes will decrease their production rates due to the continuous increase in needed pressure.

Sooner or later, all the countries, who acquired these reverse osmosis plants, will get rid out of these membranes, when they will discover how worthless it is, and they will discover how simple, low cost, low maintenance, and less energy consumption, are Natural Seawater Desalination plants.

As pure water is the most essential need for every human being, we did not patent our knowledge to secure this immense potential to safeguard the interest of human beings, also this process now is non-patentable as this website is now over 4 years old . All we secured for ourselves are our engineering and our technology

This is a direct imitation of the natural process of producing pure rain water out of seawater. The Lord is the main supplier of all the waters consumed by all human beings on this planet, HE is filling all the rivers of the planet with pure rain water. The present Reverse Osmosis is expensive, impractical, and here is the result, huge lands next to sea shores are left deserted.

By making a simple imitation of what the Lord did for seawater desalination we will be able to get PURE WATER FROM SEAWATER CHEAPER THAN CITY WATER.

Also the NEEDED EQUIPMENT IS MUCH, MUCH SIMPLER THAN REVERSE OSMOSIS. The equipment is similar to a very simple industrial water cooler. Air discharged by the large fan placed on top of the water cooler is carrying extra water vapors which can be condensed by the same water cooled at the bottom of the water cooler. Our Natural Seawater Desalination units are less than half the price of comparable reverse osmosis units.

Our expensive today setup for seawater desalination have imposed that vast  lands next to sea shores are left behind deserted, while our Natural Seawater Desalination units can allow us to cultivate all our deserted sea shores.

We are relying on Room Temperature Evaporation, a process which every eye is aware of it, this physical phenomenon IS THE ONLY PHYSICAL PHENOMENON which allows the evaporation and separation of pure water vapor from saline water WITHOUT ANY SUPPLY OF EXTERNAL ENERGY. The energy needed is supplied by cooling the bulk of saline water. This why nature is referring to it. Unhappily universities departments of Chemical Engineering did not clarify this very important characteristic.