Natural Sorbent Soultions (NSS)

Natural Sorbent Soultions (NSS)

Natural Sorbent Soultions (NSS)

The Natural Sorbent Soultions (NSS) oil-only sorbent line uses the natural properties of duck and goose feathers to match the price and performance of traditional polypropylene. This allows us to offer a sustainable solution for industrial, marine, and environmental applications.

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4632 Old LaGrange Road , Buckner , Kentucky 40010 USA
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Oil Spills
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Nationally (across the country)

This innovative approach for effective sorbent offers unique benefits:

  • Similar or higher sorbent rates compared to competitive PP products for a wide range of product viscosities based on certified comparison test results (ASTM726).
  • The non-woven natural fiber produces a high shear (tear) strength, as well as exceptional UV resistance which offers superior durability and extended application life.
  • The NSS sustainable product line consist of 80% re-purposed intermediary duck and goose feathers blended with binder. The patent non-woven process binds the feathers with a final heat treatment which also acts as a sterilization process.