NCEC (National Chemical Emergency Centre)

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  • Chemical Risk Management

    Chemical Risk Management

    NCEC (part of AEA Group), has been acting as the UK National Chemical Emergency Centre since 1973 and as such, are in the best position in the market to act as your chemical risk management consultants.

  • Consultancy

    NCEC Consultancy provides classification, labelling, safety data sheet authoring, information and advice on chemical safety legislation as well as chemical risk management.

  • REACH Consultancy

    REACH Consultancy

    The first REACH deadline (pre-registration) was 30 November 2008: any substance not pre-registered by that deadline must now be registered before it can be marketed (unless you qualify for late pre-registration).

  • GHS/CLP Consulatancy

    GHS/CLP Consulatancy

    Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals - GHS will affect everyone around the world. The deadline for substance reclassification in the EU was 1 December 2010 and for mixtures is 1 June 2015. Need help with reclassifying your products under GHS/CLP? Need help with your safety data sheets? NCEC can help you meet your legal obligations under GHS. Contact us to find out more.

  • Classification, Labelling And Packaging

    Classification, Labelling And Packaging

    Correct product classification for EU supply legislation and modal transport legislation is the key first step in ensuring that all of your hazardous goods documentation is correct. We have expertise in the CHIP regulations, EU Dangerous Substances Directive and Dangerous Preparations Directive to help you with your supply classification requirements.  In the transportation area we can provide you with classification help, covering legislation...

  • Emergency Response

    NCEC has been operating the UK's National Chemical Emergency Centre since 1973. This makes us one of the most experienced teams in the world in understanding the requirements of both the chemical industry and emergency services. We are also the UK centre in Cefic’s European Transport Emergency Response programme (ICE).

  • Chemical Emergency Response Service (CERS)

    Chemical Emergency Response Service (CERS)

    A dedicated 24-hour emergency response advice and information service. The Chemical Emergency Response Service (CERS) is open to companies who may have to respond to a chemical emergency without sufficient substance information, expertise or resources to handle it effectively.

  • 24-Hour Global Chemical Emergency Advice

    24-Hour Global Chemical Emergency Advice

    Carechem 24 is a multilingual telephone advice service providing access to a team of trained responders 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year. Carechem 24 provides companies all over the world with emergency product support during a Hazmat incident. This service helps compliance with Responsible Care and Regulations associated with the transport and handling of Dangerous Goods.

  • Carechem Marine

    Carechem Marine

    24-hour advice for marine chemical incidents. Rapid, accurate and reliable advice is essential for the safe and effective management of all marine chemical spills. Carechem Marine provides everyone involved in the marine transport of chemicals with a unique service: 24-hour marine chemical emergency support and consultancy services backed up by one of the world's leading chemical spill software products.

  • Lithium Battery Transportation Legislation

    Lithium Battery Transportation Legislation

    From 2009, shippers transporting lithium batteries by road or air need to comply with new hazardous goods regulations. New UN numbers have been introduced and stringent conditions are in force even where special provisions apply. Among other requirements, shippers need to display a telephone number for additional information. These changes came into force in January 2009 (air transport) and June 2009 (road transport under ADR).