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  • Chemical

  • Neo Solutions - Boiler / Cooler

    Neo Solutions - Boiler / Cooler

    Industrial water treatment seeks to manage four main problem areas: scaling, corrosion, microbiological activity and disposal of residual wastewater.

  • Municipal Wastewater

  • Neo Solutions - Scale Control / Scale Inhibitors / Corrosion Control

    Neo Solutions - Scale Control / Scale Inhibitors / Corrosion Control

    Mineral scaling can lead to reduced efficiency in recirculating water systems. Neo Solutions, Inc. offers a broad spectrum of threshold scale inhibitors and dispersants designed to prevent mineral scaling in cooling system heat exchange surfaces and piping associated with operations such as hydraulic fracturing during gas drilling operations.

  • Environmental

  • Neo Solutions - Odor Control Pond / Lagoon Cleanup

    Neo Solutions - Odor Control Pond / Lagoon Cleanup

    As a part of our broad offering of water treatment chemicals, we offer a complete line of products custom designed to take on the most difficult challenges in Odor Control. Odor generated by anaerobic bacteria is common in industrial and municipal waste water systems. These odors are the result of microorganisms obtaining oxygen from sulfur compounds and releasing hydrogen sulfide gas and mercaptans as by-products. Neo Solutions, Inc. offers odor...

  • Coal Mining

  • Neo Solutions - Coagulants

    Neo Solutions - Coagulants

    Coagulants from Neo Solutions, Inc. are very effective in removing fine or colloidal-sized particulates and color from water and may be used alone or in combination with higher molecular weight flocculant polymers. Many of our coagulant products are certified under NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for use in potable and secondary water treatment.

  • Neo Solutions - Dust Control Products

    Neo Solutions - Dust Control Products

    Dust can be a nuisance, resulting in loss of product, health problems, and safety issues. Neo Solutions, Inc. offers several products that are cost effective in controlling fugitive dust emissions from:

  • Neo Solutions - Polymer Gel Block

    Neo Solutions - Polymer Gel Block

    Polymer gel blocks (also called “gel logs” or “floc logs”) are soil erosion control products available as semi-hydrated logs containing high molecular weight flocculant. Each gel block is formulated to the soil and water chemistry of the geographic area where it will be used.

  • Neo Solutions - Flocculants

    Neo Solutions - Flocculants

    Flocculants are substances added to a mixture to increase the aggregation or clumping of suspended particles. These aggregates allow the material to then settle out by gravity to facilitate the recovery of liquid. Neo Solutions, Inc. offers cost effective flocculants for the treatment of oily wastewater and biological sludge, such as waste-activated, mixed primary / secondary, and aerobic or anaerobic digested wastes across broad...

  • Hard Rock Mining

  • Neo Solutions - Iron Ore Pelletizing Aids

    Neo Solutions - Iron Ore Pelletizing Aids

    Iron Ore pelletization is a tumble/growth agglomeration mechanism for solid particulates, which must comply with two key points.  The first point is to reach, during the balling stage, the capillary state without exceeding it.  The pellets are then called green balls and their strength is due to the liquid bonds associated with the capillary pressure.  The role of the binder at this point is to allow the green balls to withstand the...

  • Paper Mill

  • Neo Solutions - Foam Control Products

    Neo Solutions - Foam Control Products

    Our products are designed to solve foaming problems across a broad spectrum of municipal and industrial applications, formulated in a range of concentrations to meet your application performance and cost needs.