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  • Neo Solutions - Coagulants

    Neo Solutions - Coagulants

    Coagulants from Neo Solutions, Inc. are very effective in removing fine or colloidal-sized particulates and color from water and may be used alone or in combination with higher molecular weight flocculant polymers. Many of our coagulant products are certified under NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for use in potable and secondary water treatment.

  • Neo Solutions - Dust Control Products

    Neo Solutions - Dust Control Products

    Dust can be a nuisance, resulting in loss of product, health problems, and safety issues. Neo Solutions, Inc. offers several products that are cost effective in controlling fugitive dust emissions from:

  • Neo Solutions - Polymer Gel Block

    Neo Solutions - Polymer Gel Block

    Polymer gel blocks (also called “gel logs” or “floc logs”) are soil erosion control products available as semi-hydrated logs containing high molecular weight flocculant. Each gel block is formulated to the soil and water chemistry of the geographic area where it will be used.

  • Neo Solutions - Flocculants

    Neo Solutions - Flocculants

    Flocculants are substances added to a mixture to increase the aggregation or clumping of suspended particles. These aggregates allow the material to then settle out by gravity to facilitate the recovery of liquid. Neo Solutions, Inc. offers cost effective flocculants for the treatment of oily wastewater and biological sludge, such as waste-activated, mixed primary / secondary, and aerobic or anaerobic digested wastes across broad...