Neoecogen is concentrating on conservation & healing of the natural environment in an environmentally friendly way without using chemicals at all. We are trying our best to leave our natural heritage to the posterity most beautifully.

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Rml03,EugeneSwell,7 ,Achasan-ro 78-gil,Gwangjin-gu , Seoul , South Korea
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Environmental - Ecology and Nature Protection
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

The current environmental problems represented by 'global warming' and 'chemical pollution' have a profound effect on our everyday life and cause enormous damage to the global environment such as flood, drought, high tern perature and abnormal climate.

In order to save the earth environment, everyone should be interested in the prevention of the crucial global warming through ultimate reduction of C02 and respond strongly to the global environment conservation.

Arctic bears disappear and the temperature of the Korean peninsula exceeds 40 degrees in the summer. Anomalous climate isoccurringalloverthe world and warm current fish species and tropical vegetation have started to live in our area.

There is only one planet and we must work together to protect the planet

In this background, NEOECOGEN is doing the following businesses,

  • Water purification business: usingVitamin to activate microorganism.
  • Waste Food decomposing: by microbial activator.
  • Soil remediation: by low-voltage electrical stimulation.
  • Ceramic ion business: Removing odor fromchicken, pig, cowfarms.sterilizarjon, improvement of meat quality and reduction ofC02 emissions from livestock
  • othereco-friendly products, etc.

Neoecogen is concentrating on conservation & healing of the natural environment in an environmentally friendly way withoutusingchemicalsat all. We are tryingourbest to leave our natural heritage to the posterity most beautifully.

Water Purification

  • Purification ofwaste&sewagewater
  • Animal excretion purification forCow. Chicken. Pig/ Liquifertilizer.
  • Livestockexcretion purification andDischargetotheNature n sewagetreatment
  • Fish farm cleansing
  • Oil water purification
  • sludge (sediment) reduction (80-90%)

Soil Purification

  • Oil contaminatesoil purification system by low voltage (5V) - Polluteareas such as gas station, oil plant etc.
  • Fruit trees, agricultural water - prevention of pests, durable fruits, cleansing soil.
  • Chicken. Pig farms -removing odor, improvement of meat quality, disease control, increasing of weight

Microbial activator & Fooprocessor distributing for foowaste disposal (Over 95% disposal)

  • Foowastes (Bean skin, ham, fish fin, raw meat, raw bone) over95% disposals
  • Thirparrjescannotdisposemore than 95% of foowaste usingmicroorganisms(remainabout20%) a Noodorleftandnohosesrequired

Other eco-friendly products

  • Industrial Purification System.
  • a Pet relateenvironment-friendly products
  • Mechanicalequipmentforwater purification
  • Environment productsforsmart farm. Smart factory Eco-friendly products for plastic replacement
  • water Purification plantconstruction


Eco-Friendly Technology for Future Generations.

Key Idea

Customer Priority,Human respect, Future- Orientation

Basic Strategy

Concentration on Core Items -» Future Proliferation -»Redefinition

Action Philosophy


  • Focuson research with tiieprideof beingthe first.
  • Maximize Synergy in Development with Advanced Technology Cooperation

Strengthen sales ability

  • Marketing Development for Current and Potential Customers
  • Core item Concentration and Future item Developmenl
  • Sales Standardization
  • Goal fulfillment/ Verification

Channel specialization

  • secure Best B2B Companies Procurement
  • C/S specialization
  • Future expansion for Cash-cow