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  • Neptech Flexotherm - Heated Sample Lines

    Neptech Flexotherm - Heated Sample Lines

    Flexotherm™ manufactures heated sample lines specifically for use in gaseous emissions sampling. The two primary sampling industries would be engine and stack testing. Our products meet or exceed all EPA guidelines for emissions sampling. We provide precise and even heating on all our products. Flexotherm™ is also well known for its rugged design and the ability to withstand the rigorous use in a testing...

  • Neptech Flexotherm - Heated Smoke Meter

    Neptech Flexotherm - Heated Smoke Meter

    Flexothermc Heated Smoke Meter Lines were developed specifically for use in combination with a smoke meter for soot content measurement. Although there are multiple versions of soot meters, Flexotherm™ can adapt in most applications. At the start of the ordering process it is crucial to determine as to what model or type of smoke meter is being used for a proper match. This Flexotherm™ branded product is shown to be of far superior...

  • Neptech - Heated Sample Probes

    Neptech - Heated Sample Probes

    Heated sample probes from Flexotherm are designed for testing applications requiring the extraction and thermal control of gaseous emissions. Featuring stainless steel construction for maximum durability, heated sample probes from Flexotherm are tested and certified to function in temperatures up to 400º F. Standard sizes of 1/4” and 3/8” are available to accommodate the majority of emission testing instruments used in the...

  • Neptech Flexotherm - Heated Filter Housings

    Neptech Flexotherm - Heated Filter Housings

    Flexotherm manufactures electro-polished 316 stainless steel filter housings for use in emissions testing and chemical analysis. Our heated filter housings are designed for use in heated filter set-up or as stand-alone filter housings. Everything about the design of Flexotherm heated filter housings was influenced by the demands of our customers. Sample response time is improved by the low internal volume capacity of the unit. Heated filter...